42 | / ljudi koji je predstavljaju. Džoker je samo postavio scenu. Preovogostvarenjaispodmaske odgrafitanalazilisusemnogiglumci. MajklKiton jeudvafilmazadovoljio ukuse, ali ne i oduševio. DžekNikolsonjepodigaouloguDžokeradoizazova koji glumci porede sa igranjem Hamleta. Ipak,usvakommomentuje bilo jasno da je glavni akter previše plejboj i previše bogat... Betmen zauvek jeokupioneverovatnuglumačku ekipu, ali je uprkos tome bio ozbiljan „flop“. Val Kilmer nikako nije uspeo da ispuni odelo čoveka šišmiša. Nakon njega sledi još i promašaj saDžordžomKlunijem, čija se uloga najboljevidi kada jenjegovapozadina u prvom planu. Dakle, na ekranu većem od 20 metara na tri sekunde viditesamoto.OK, recimodajetobilo za ženski deo publike i otvaranje priče ka novim gledaocima. Dok čekamo da vidimo šta će nam doneti Betmen Roberta Patinsona2021. godine, ostajedauživamo uljubičasto-zelenimtonovimakojise ovog oktobra objavljuju svetu uz ludački, klovnovski osmeh. Ako je neki negativac zaslužio da dobije film, onda je to on, bez dileme. Vreme je za Džokera! under any circumstances, cutting himself o from contact with people, completely immersing himself in the role, and he was sooncompletelyoverwhelmedby the manic personality of the Joker. He asked Bale to really hit him during the shooting of scenes (and he’s said to have been covered inbruises after shooting), and his great sacri ce didn’t go unnoticed. He received a posthumous Oscar, which set a precedent in the history of the Academy Awards, as he died from a drug overdose prior to the lm’s release. The search for the true expression of this storywas a longone, andnobody truly succeeded inrecounting itprior toBaleand Nolan.Nobodymanagedtoshowthestrugglesof avulnerablemillionaireandplayboy who has great problems with himself (not tomentionwiththeworld!), hispast andfuture;nobodypreviouslymanagedtoportray this hero realistically, as if he were of esh and blood. Because this is the mainstay of the Batman world – unlike any of the others, everything iscompletely realistic, imaginable, intimate and emotionally exhausting. Just recall the legendaryscene inwhich the Joker gives ordinary people on a ferry the choice of blowing up another ferry in order to save themselves. The second ferry isoccupiedby“worthless”prisoners, and theclock is tickingthewholetime.Thus, the point here is not to save the entire planet, but to save a handful of people who represent it. The Joker merely set the scene. Many other actors had appeared by the famous graphite mask prior to this incarnation. Michael Keaton proved“satisfying” to tastes in two lms, but didn’t delight audiences. Jack Nicholson elevated the role of the Joker to a challenge that actors compare toplayingHamlet. However, itwas clear at everymoment that themain actor was too much of a playboy and too wealthy... BatmanForever brought together an unbelievable cast of actors, but was still a major “ op”. Val Kilmer failed miserably to ll the suit of the Caped Crusader. Hewas followedby another failedattempt with George Clooney, whose role is best seenwhenhis behind is to the fore. Namely, that’s all you see for a full three seconds onabigscreenof over 20metres.Okay, let’s just say that scene was for the female audience and aimed at opening up the story to new viewers. And while we wait to see what Robert Pattinson will bring to the role of Batman in2021,weare left toenjoy thepurple and green that are being presented to the world this October, with the crazed smile of a clown. If any villain ever deserved his own lm, then there’s no doubt that he’s the one. It’s time for the Joker! Hoakim nije dobio Lava u Veneciji, ali kažu da bi lako mogao da dobije Oskara Joaquin didn’t get a Lion in Venice, but it’s predicted that he could easily win an Oscar