| 41 Joker! Finally the lm in a dark tone that we’ve been waiting for and the nal answer to the most mysterious question of the comic strip universe - howdid the greatest villain of all timeemerge?Basedonwhatwe’veseenso far (in the trailer), it will be masochistic enjoyment that’s simultaneously wonderful, but also too heavy to watch. Wefollowthefraught life journeyofArthur Fleck prior to him becoming the Joker. During the day he works as a clown at children’s parties, while in the evenings he strivestobecomeastand-upcomedian. Just one bad decision leads to a chain reaction of escalating events that brings this study of human character in a fractured society tofeverpitch. Arthurdiscovers that the joke is always on him! Joaquin Phoenix had to lose 23.5 kilos to be able to pro le his hero in the right way, and - as he says – doing so alsoendedupimpactingonhisownpsyche. “You start going crazy!What attracted me to this personality is that he is so di - cult to de ne. You don’t know how to approachhim, becauseeverydayyoudiscover newaspectsof the Joker’spersonality... It was like thatuntil the lastday,”saidPhoenix. The fact that the DC universe doesn’t knowlukewarmstories, it alwayscuts tothe bone.Andit is inthissensethat itdi ers from thedominantMarveluniverse,whichhasbecomeamoney-makingmachine.WhenDC makes a lm, it tends to be a mini masterpiece,withexpertsoftenmentioningbreakthroughsbeyondknownboundaries.Or, to put it simply:Marvelmakes lms forall ages, andDCmakescompromises thatcansatisfy theappetiteof theaudience, butalsocritics. Asymbolandsynonymofevil,adictionaryde nitionexplainingastateof totalmadness andtheeclipsingof themind... But the Joker ismuchmore than that, because the greatest villain goes hand in handwith the embodiment of good and one of themost popular superheroes–theCapedCrusader; Batman. He rst appeared in comics back in1939, thanks towriter Bill Finger andcartoonartistBobKane, andfour years later receivedhisdebut lm, but apoor one. Overexploitation led to the comic strip quickly plungingintoacrisisthatwasonlyovercome by FrankMiller in the 1980s. This author rede ned the comic version to show that a vulnerableBatman is evenmoreappealing to the audience, and the“Dark Knight”carries his signature. The city of Gotham inwhich they live has to date been portrayed 13 times, and ChristopherNolan shifted the standards of the genrewithhis trilogy. TheDark Knight became a cult lm, with Christian Bale cementing a place for himself as the “right, trueBatman”,whileHeathLedgermanaged to create unprecedented mythomania in his portrayal of the Joker. Ledger allegedly locked himself alone in a room for a monthprior to lming, refusing toemerge Finiks je odlično uskočio u ulogu, posle fantastičnog Džeka Nikolsona i nezaboravnog Hita Ledžera Pheonix leapt wonderfully into the role, following the fantastic Jack Nicholson and unforgettable Heath Ledger