| 37 Golog otoka. SEFF je zatvorio Honeyland u režiji Tamare Kotevske i Ljubomira Stefanova. Ovaj filmprati nimalo lak život ženekoja starinskimmetodama pravimeduSevernojMakedoniji. Festival je završen burnim aplauzom i magična energija koja se stvorila oko kvalitetnog i talentovanog sveta u Rich Mixu svakako predstavlja dodatni podsticaj da počnemo rad na programuza sledećeproleće. Oni koji se ove jeseni i zime zapute u London imaće priliku da uživaju u sjajnim izložbama, od kojih se izdvajaju dve, jedna u starom, a druga u novom Tejtu. Prva je o Vilijamu Blejku, čudotvorcu lepote užasa, a druga je izložba dansko-islandskog umetnika Olafura Elijasona, koji stvara umetnički prostor u kojem njegove instalacije i skulpture utiču na sva naša čula. Lepo je putovati u različite svetove. Vidimo se u Londonu. For thesecondconsecutiveyear, theSoutheastEuropeanFutureFestival (SEFF),which isheldat theRichMixcommunityartshubinLondon, presentedaselectionofprominent artists fromthe region, with a particular focus ondocumentary lmandwomen’s documentary photography. The festival is organised by the Contemporary BalkanArt platformand aims topromote contemporary directors, photographers and creative individuals fromSoutheast Europe. The festival enabled visitor to the Mezzanine Gallery in the Shoreditch district of East London to check out the exhibition Perspectives: Photography Storytelling. The works of 15 eminent photographers – including Boryana Katsarova, Sanja Knežević, Glorija Lizde, Lazara Marinković, Mia Novakova, Senja Vild and Marcella Zanki – testify to the notion that photography can serve as a great driver. Issues of identity and human nature are contextualised through fashion and theatre photography, as well as landscape scenes and photojournalism. In terms of the selection of works, participants were expected to present personal stories characterised by a strong documentary motif, thus providing something that could carry viewers and convey them to the ambience of the photographic world. The idea was to bring the reality of life in the Balkans closer to the average Londoner. Thedocumentary approachwas completedwith the screeningof lms suchas IKEA for YUby CroatiandirectorMarija RatkovićVidaković andOccupiedCinema by Belgrade-based SenkaDomanović,whowas thewinnerof themainawardat theMarchFestival.Thecontinuationof theprogrammesawtheaudienceattendapaneldiscussionentitled‘What isYugoslavia toyou?’, which included theparticipationofwritersVesnaGoldsworthy andOlivia Sudjic, directorMarijaRatkovićVidakovićandUniversityofGlasgowprofessorVladimirUnkovski-Korica.Thepanellists agreed thatweprimarily formour ideasofYugoslaviabasedon thestories of our parents, but thequestion iswhatwe reallywant to convey of that toour descendants. The panellists also touched on di erent layers of identity, with writer Goldsworthy saying that she is both Serbian andYugoslav, as well as British. As she explained, during family dinnersshealwayscomesacrossdi erentcharacterswhohavecontrastingpoliticalunderstandings, which lead to her having at least two di erent opinions in her mind at the same time! TheeveninghourssawthescreeningofMladenaMatičević’s lmHeavenlyTheme, about the life andworks ofYugoslav golden boyVlada Divljan, with the lmsimultaneously entertaining, delighting and saddening the audience. The following day saw visitors to Rich Mix watchedAmericandirector RobertAdanto’s lmBornJustNow, about Serbianperformance artistMartaJovanović. Itemphasisestheimportanceofemphasisingthestorieswecareabout and can identify with, whether that’s the story of Granny Skojevka Minki, who does not renounceTito, the fascinatingphotographsof theKoloEnsemble, feminism, or refugeestories. Thepaneldiscussionwas followedbyascreeningof the lmGoli [Naked]byCroatiandirector TihaGudac–respresentinganemotional familystoryabout the livesanddestiniesof agroup of people fromGoli Otok [Naked Island], theYugoslav island prison for political dissidents. The SEFF culminated with a screening of Honeyland, co-directed by Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov. This lm follows the tough life of a woman in North Macedonia whomakes honey according to ancient methods. The festival endedwith a thunderous round of applause, while the magical energy created around the high-quality and talented world at Rich Mix certainly represents an additional incentive to start working on the programme for next spring. Those heading to London this autumn and winter will have an opportunity to enjoy great exhibitions, two of which – at the old and newTate – stand out.While the rst is about William Blake, the wonderful creator of horror, the second exhibition is by Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson, who creates an artistic ‘space’ in which his installations and sculptures impact on all of our senses. It’s nice to travel to di erent worlds. See you in London. The festival is organised by the Contemporary Balkan Art platform and aims to promote contemporary directors, photographers and creative individuals from Southeast Europe Festival organizuje platforma „Contemporary Balkan Art“ sa ciljem promocije savremenih reditelja, fotografa i kreativaca iz jugoistočne Evrope