108 | / ODRŽAVANJE INFRASTRUKTURE Da bi vas avion, u kom ste se udobno smestili, sigurno dovezao ili odvezao na željenu destinaciju, infrastruktura aerodromskih kapaciteta treba da bude na vrhunskom nivou. U terminalu i ostalim objektima beogradskog aerodroma, čija je površina veća od 70 hiljada metara kvadratnih, marljivo se svakodnevno radi na održavanju. Pista sa koje ste poleteli, odnosno na koju vaš avion sleće, sa pratećim saobraćajnicama zauzima površinu veću od pola miliona kvadratnih metara. Svaki kvadrat predmet je redovne kontrole i održavanja, a sve sa ciljem udobnosti vašeg putovanja. Dok ste vi u vazduhu, automobil koji ste ostavili na parkinzima ili u garaži, takođe je siguran i u rukama je aerodromskih službi koje, pored parkinga i garaže, brinu i o saobraćajnicama koje vas dovode do aerodroma. INFRASTRUCTURE MAINTENANCE In order to ensure the aircraft in which you are seated comfortably can safely carry you to your desired destination, the infrastructure of airport capacities should be at the highest level. In the terminal building and other facilities of Belgrade Airport, which encompass an area exceeding 70,000 square metres, maintenance works are performed on a daily basis. The runway where your plane lands or takes to the skies, along with accompanying taxiways and manoeuvring areas, occupies an area of more than half a million square metres. And each square is subjected to regular inspection and maintenance, all for the convenience and safety of your journey. While in the air, the vehicle you left behind in the parking area or multilevel garage is also safe in the hands of airport services who, in addition to the parking area and garage, also take care of all airport access roads. AIRPORT SAFETY MANAGEMENT Prior to take-o , all surfaces that have contact with the wheels of the aircraft are carefully inspected. A thorough inspection of the runway and maneuvering areas, as well as the regular removal of any unwanted objects from the aircraft path, are also part of the 24-hour work of people employed at the airport. All employees of operational services are obliged to regularly check every inch of the surface used fot the movement of aircraft and to dispose of any debris or unwanted object in accordance with procedures. In addition to the regular control of relevant services, several walks on the runway called FODWalk (Foreign Objects Debris Walk) have been organised in the past, during which the airport administration sta , as well as many of their colleagues around the world, volunteered to clean the runway and thus demonstrated that each individual’s awareness of your need to be safe is at the highest level. While some control the runway, others take care of its surroundings. The story of birds at airports dates back to the rst ights. The balance between preserving native bird habitats and safe taking o and landing is seemingly easy to achieve. However, a great deal of e ort is behind the application of the highest world standards at Belgrade Airport. High-quality technology, regular employee courses and continuous training safeguard both planes and birds that are dispersed using environmentally-friendly practices. Air Serbia’s home airport works to continually improve business standards and take care of your safety. All you need to do is enjoy your trip Matični aerodrom kompanije „Er Srbija“ radi na stalnom unapređenju standarda poslovanja i brine o vašoj sigurnosti. Na vama je samo da uživate u putovanju