DINE&WINE 96 | Hrana » Food T HE MA J EST I C SANDWI CH Themodestmeal that became the holy grail of gourmets Although its ingredientsandpreparation qualify it among the simplest meals, made with equal gusto by primary school studentsandprofessional chefs, the story of food placed between two slicesof bread(asdefinedby theOxford Dictionary) isverycomplex.Somewould say it’s even exciting FOTO: Depositphotos / Lidante Whenitcomestosandwiches, justlikethe coffee that oftenaccompanies them– everyonehas their own favourite version. It is said that the averageAmericaneats about 200sandwiches ayear, while hungry Brits serve themwith afternoon tea – and those of us from these lands recall with nostalgia those birthday sandwiches when we were kids, with grated cheese and meticulously sliced gherkins. Although almost everyone has heard of the Earl of Sandwich, after whom this delicacy is named, the first written mention of a meal similar to today's sandwich dates back to the first century BC. In the saga of Hillel the Elder, the main protagonist dined by placing spiced lambbetween two slices of bread. During theMiddleAges, on the territory of France, people would use pieces of stale bread as coasters for meat and vegetables. During the 17th century, Dutch taverns began serving ameal consisting of beef, butter and bread. However, that passionate gambler JohnMontagu– the 18th-century English nobleman with the title of the 4th Earl of Sandwich – who liked to order meat served between two slices of bread (becausehe could thus snack during long card playing sessions) is worthy of his fame today. Peoplegraduallybegantoorder “the sameasSandwich”, and the name stuck, although the earl himself was not the creator of this popular delight. It was in the early 19th century, or more precisely in 1827, that it was first included in the printed cookbook under that name. It became an unavoidable item on tables across the United States at the very beginning of the 20th century, becoming a particular favourite among workers on scaffolding in Manhattan, which was then inexorably growing into the metropolis we know it as today. They desperately needed a cheap meal that could be transported easily, and which was high enough in calories to serve as a meal that would be sufficient for most of the day. Its repute spread quickly to the rest of the world, so that each region has its own version of a light (and heavy) sandwich. In Cuba, that’s an enticing amount of hamand cheese that spills over the edges ofwhite bread. In Israel, falafel or shawarma in a pita bread pouch is fast food that everyone loves. French bistros offer chic versions of Croque Monsieur and Croque Madame for an Instragrammable breakfast that compels millions to flock to Paris. Italian panino is simple and rustic, while the emphasis is on top ingredients like prosciutto with confirmed geographical origin and the freshest mozzarella. Travel is unthinkable without them! Kada je reč o sendvičima, baš kao što je slučaj sa kafom, koja neretko ide uz njih, svako ima svoju omiljenu verziju When it comes to sandwiches, just like the coffee that often accompanies them – everyone has their own favourite version