Colours» Boje |79 The Pantone Color Institute designs a palette of colours each year, selecting one as the lead ‘It’ colour. The final decision of just a single Colour of the Year will be made in January PANTONE INSTITUTE RULES CHANGING For the past 20 years, the colour that’s been declared Colourof theYearbythePantone Institute has influenced fashion, interior design and marketing. The full palette of current colours is always wide-ranging, but only one is selected as the dominant ‘It’ colour of the year. Pantone’s experts spend the entire year analysing all art forms, popular tourist destinations, films, the entertainment industry, new lifestyles andsocioeconomicconditions.Andthen, at the end of the year, they announce the colour that will mark the coming year. However, the new normal has also brought new rules, which is why, for the first time, we’ve received three colours that have been announced prior to the endof the year for thecoming spring.We will only discover which colour has been chosen as the dominant ‘It’ colour for the whole of the coming year in January. FOTO: / MariiaBoiko Alamy FOTO: / Capital Pictures / BACKGRID / Backgrid UK FOTO: / Natalia Danko / Panthermedia