LAJFSTAJ L / L I FESTYLE 78 | Boje » Colours The Pantone Color Institute set a precedent last year by choosing two leading ‘It’ colours instead of just one. And this season they’ve gone a step further and have already now – instead of at the start of next year – announced as many as three colours that are expected to dominate: yellow, green and orange. The entire trend report contains tenprominent colours that are expected to elevate your style to the next level. The proposed colours are related more to fashion trends, but can still absolutely be applied in interior design and details. An infusion of bright colours, some of which have been given playful descriptions in the colour palette for spring/summer 2022, should inspire creativity andunrestrained joie de vivre.These colours promote new feelings of simplicity and spontaneity, fusing our deep connection to nature and our need for comfort, while there are also visually soothing pastel hues. “Our useof colour is connected to the culturalmood. As we explore a new future, we are looking for opportunities to do something completely different,” said Pantone Color Institute Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman in a press release. While 2020’s classic blue symbolised the gloomy mood that awaited us last year, 2021’s mix of yellow and grey sent a clear message of our need for stability and optimism. And the cheerful new palette for 2022 should additionally satisfy our need for new optimism, while at the same timemaking us feel snuggled and safe. And, thus, the palette of the ten standout colours also received their own descriptions. Coral rose is a floral PANTONE PROPOSES Lively and bold next spring The light-yellow shade of popcorn, warm green of sprouted shoots and orange are favourites that we can expect to see in the worlds of fashion, design and interiors during spring and summer 2022 tone with an energising presence that brings a sense of excitement, light yellow popcorn is a bright and cheery hue that radiateswarmth, then there’s the light-hearted andcarefree freshpastel pinkof Potpourri and thebrown of CoffeeQuartz that’s glamorous inevery combination. There is, of course, thenaturally rich, earth-bakedSudan Brown that’s associated with the great outdoors. Some of the colours from the rich palette are ones that we associate with cooling and refreshing water, some send a message of playfulness and positivity, and greens that should be pleasant appear in several shades, fromwarm to slightly more acidic. On the whole, all of these colours are inspired by nature and we subconsciously interpret them as being familiar. Like nature itself, some provide energy and others instil feelings of tranquillity. Whatever the case, we are awaited by a cheerful spring environment, at least when it comes to fashion. The announced colours are easily combinable and sufficiently striking while not being intrusive. Apart from that, the three announced favourites of popcorn yellow, green and orange look good on everyone. And, yes, they also cover accessories like gadgets, notepads, glasses cases or headphones. Everything’s in play. When it comes to interior design, you can easily apply these colours in your home and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the place where we spendmore time than ever before. They are suitable for walls and furniture, but also for the details that are the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to change the atmosphere of an apartment. It’s enough to add a rug or new throw on your couch. Paint the chairs, add a bowl. It’s important to introduce one refreshing colour that will make you feel great in your home. Očekuje nas veselo prolećno okruženje, bar što se mode i enterijera tiče A cheerful spring environment awaits us, at least when it comes to fashion and interior design FOTO: / Andy Dean