Shopping » Šoping | 71 Nema čekanja u redu, nema menjanja trake u kasi na pola transakcije, nema žvake za kusur i najvažnije u ovom pandemijskomperiodu – nema nepotrebne gužve No queuing, no changing register receipt rolls halfway through a transaction, no penny sweets as change and – most importantly in this pandemic period – no unwanted crowds FOTO: / MatthewChattle / Shutterstock Editorial FOTO: / MatthewChattle / Budrul Chukrut / Zuma Press Perhaps we’re not quite living in accordance with expectations born of the scifi films we watched as children – but it does nonetheless seem that high-tech innovations are moving inexorably towards the automated performing of all our obligations, like in futuristic phantasmagorias, even if that obligation is just making a regular purchase. For starters, imagine you’re hurrying through an airport to “catch” a connecting flight, when you instantly remember that you haven’t brought the kind of padded jacket that you’ ll definitely need upon arrival in your desired destination. However, luckily, you quickly come across a vending machine that isn’t selling snacks, but rather Uniqlo SHOPS OF T HE F U T UR E Technology is altering the shopping experience Groceries without the need for weighing and cash registers, t-shirts from vending machines and the fastest way to buy fast fashion favourites – welcome to futurism applied to traditional retail down jackets, precisely packed Japanese-style in a matching bag that eases packing. You insert your card, select your preferred size and colour options – and your clothing crisis is resolved in a second! The idea for this kind of “takeaway fashion” is nothing new: back in the 1960s, Paco Rabanne’s glamorous Space Age pieces, “sewn” from metal rings, were presented packaged in cans that were stored, like beverage cans, in a vending machine. Today, however, this far-sighted concept is interwoven with masses of data from a growing digital treasure trove that’s valued in the billions. All the f lagship outlets of Spanish high-street fashion megabrand Zara are equipped with vending machines for collecting online orders. All that’s needed is to scan the QR code from the order confirmation email in order for the package to “drop into your hands”, ready to wear! Nevertheless, the endeavour undertaken by market giant Amazon, under the scope of its “GO” concept, left us all but speechless with its complex nature yet simple execution. It pertains to small retail outlets with a barriered entrance door that can only be accessed through use of an app installed on a mobile device (which contains your data and is connected to a payment card). After that, you move between the aisles just as you would at your local grocers, right up to the point at which you would ordinarily arrive at the cash register with your selected items. That’s because here there is no cash register! It’s sufficient to scan the data from the application once again upon exiting and you’ ll instantly receive an email with the receipt for everything you’ve bought. Welcome to the future!