KULTURA / CULTURE 64 | Izložba » Exibition Posebnu pažnju pridavala je detaljima, a svaki par obuće pratio je toaletu She devoted special attention to details and every pair of shoes suited a specific gown I CON OF HAU T E COU T UR E Jovanka Broz in colour An RTS Gallery exhibition is exclusively presenting gowns that the former first lady wore for official occasions and that wehaven’tpreviouslyhadachancetosee. It’s easy to follow the styles of first ladies today, via social networks and in real time, but that hasn’t always been the case. We used to await reports on television or in newspapers to see just one or two of the gowns that thenfirst lady JovankaBroz had carried with her for some occasion. And those images were in black and white. Now, for the first time, thanks to the exhibition “Jovanka Broz in colour”, which runs until 30th November, we have an exclusive opportunity to see the dresses, gloves, shoes and turbans that form just a small part of the major collection of clothing and personal items of the former first lady of SFR Yugoslavia, and they’re in colour! At the same time, this fantastic and beautiful exhibition of dresses, which should be a fashion story, also testifies to the protocol, etiquette and lifestyle of the time, whilst also revealing part of Jovanka Broz's personality. This woman, who attended countless important and historic events, is familiar to us from the perspective of black & white TV screens, while this collectionof coloured dresses also gives the exhibition special charm. This was the first time that we’ve seenmost of these gowns in colour. In linewithnew tendencies, the dresses are exhibited onmannequins without protective glass, so you can touch them, check out every detail and see how much care and handiwork went into making these dresses. As the first lady of the then SFR Yugoslavia, Jovanka – naturally with the help of creators – built a striking personal style of reduced lines that was both refined and glamorous. She is known for body-sculpting silhouettes, deep necklines with an obligatory accentuated waist and accessories like expensive jewellery. We all remember her red lipstick and famous high bun. Her clothing is unique, in most cases handmade haute couture, personally tailored, made fromthe highest qualitymaterials, with striking colours and attractive textures and patterns, while the cut, hems, draping and silhouettes are associated with the influence of Parisian haute couture. She selected her attire very skilfully, wearing luxurious gowns of international and local designers for diplomatic andofficial occasions,whileopting for more modest designs that the masses could identify withwhen appearing in front of the domestic public. It is also important to note that she was a patron whowas happy to promote the domestic fashion industry. She engaged domestic enterprises, designers and craftsmen, although, unfortunately, large parts of her wardrobeweren’t signed, so there’s no informationpertaining to all of those who participated in the creation of the fashion icon that was Jovanka.