Air Serbia » Er Srbija | 51 Strategija razvoja obazovanja Cilj kampanje Znanjemmenjamo sve(t) je da javnosti približi strategiju razvoja obrazovanja do 2030. godine i pozove stručnu javnost, kao i sve građane i građanke, da doprinesu njenoj realizaciji. Reforma je usmerena na povećanje kvaliteta obrazovanja i uključivanje svakog deteta u proces nastave i učenja koji su usmereni ka ishodima, kao i usklađivanje obrazovanja u skladu sa interesovanjima učenika i potrebama tržišta rada. EDUCATIONDEVELOPMENT STRATEGY The goal of the campaign “With knowledge we change the world” is to familiarise the public with the Strategy for the Development of Education until 2030 and to invite the professional public, but also all other citizens, to contribute to its implementation. The reform is directed towards improving the quality of education and including every child in teaching and learning processes that are outcomeorientated, as well as harmonising education with the interests of school pupils and the needs of the labour market. open some more doors for myself and acquire knowledge from different areas before narrowly specialising in what I love even more. I’ve always been guided by the fact that knowledge can’t be taken away and is a tool for change, which is actually the motto of this campaign. I had the unselfish support of my family and friends throughout that entire journey, and that meant a lot to me.” You’ve said that there’s no better job than yours. Can you describe what is so beautiful about it; and is it difficult? “I always loved flying. Ever since childhood, I watched how my dad operated a plane and fantasised about one day finding myself occupying one of those two command seats. Every job has its pros and cons, but when the pros outnumber the cons, then you know that you’re doing a job that you love. The very feeling of flying, the landscapes that I have an opportunity to see through the cockpit window and collaborating with wonderful people are just some of the things that make this job beautiful. Every day is different, despite us following prescribed procedures. One of the bigger challenges of flying can be unsettled weather, because then we need to concentrate and focus a little more, but, in the end, I can’t say that’s difficult for me. On the contrary, it makes this job dynamic and unusual.” What would you say about our airline to all those who will have internships at Air Serbia? “Thanks to this company, I do a job that I dreamed of. Thanks to my colleagues and great teamwork, my skills and knowhow grow each year. And I also contribute to the company in that way. That’s what every intern can expect, but they need to fight for that and not give up on their goals.”