ER SRBI JA VEST I / AIR SERBIA NEWS 50 | Er Srbija » Air Serbia A I R SE R B I A I N T HE EDUCAT I ON R E FORM CAMPA I GN “WITH KNOWLEDGE WE CHANGE THE WORLD” is the national campaign of the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia, which was implemented this October. The campaign aims to present the most important results of education reforms conducted in the previous period, through examples of good practice and presentations of the successes of individuals who, through education, have acquired the knowledge and skills required for their personal and professional development. It was actually as an example of good practice that Air Serbia participated in the promotion of this important campaign, to provide a more detailed explanation and familiarise participants with individual achievements and results, why they are important and what benefits come frommaking changes to education. Part of the video that included the participation of Air Serbia was shot in Belgrade airport’s industrial zone, while appearing in the lead role is pilot Dina Lalović, a young woman who knew The video that included the participation of Air Serbia was partly shot in Belgrade airport’s industrial zone, while pilot Dina Lalović appears in the lead role THANKS TO AIR SERBIA, I DO A JOB THAT I DREAMED OF that she wanted to fly from an early age and who realised that dream of hers at Air Serbia. You’re participating in the campaign “With knowledge we change the world”. What does this mean to you and how did you feel when you received the invitation? “I knew from the start that it would be a beautiful campaign that will motivate young people to move towards realising their dreams and goals. But I couldn't even have imagined that it would be so touching and emotional. The whole story of a little girl who follows the path from a child's imagination to the realisation of her lifelong dream of becoming a pilot was actually my personal story. I’m honoured that they chose me, because I think that my efforts in achieving my goals can serve as an example and testify to young people that anything is possible.” And you are yourself an example of the campaign’s motto. You didn’t immediately enrol in the Pilot Academy? “That's right. I didn't enrol in the academy immediately. I wanted to acquire a slightly broader education and so I completed my studies at the Faculty of Organisational Sciences. I wanted to Zahvaljujući Er Srbiji , bavim se poslom kojim želim, a moje veštine i znanje rastu svake godine Thanks to Air Serbia, I do a job that I wished for, whilemy skills and knowhow grow each year