KULTURA / CULTURE Film » Film | 37 Uporedo sa ulaskomfilma u bioskopsku distribuciju u SAD, premijera brodvejskog mjuzikla Dajana zakazana je za 17. novembar In parallel with the film's U.S. release, the Broadway musical Diana is also scheduled to premiere on 17th November Tekst/Words: Viktor Vilotijević Fotografije/Photography: tressEmmaCorrinreceivedaGolden Globe for the role, aswell as bringing thestoryofDianaback intothe limelight tosuchanextent that thefourth season of The Crown broke viewing records on the streaming service. Several months prior to the release of the series, news broke that PabloLarrain, theChileanfilmmaker knownforthefilmsNo(aboutAugusto Pinochet) and Jackie (about former U.S. first lady Jackie Kennedy), was directing a film about Princess Diana and had given the lead role to KristenStewart,whosemostnotable role todatehasbeen inthe teenvampire series Twilight. The film Spencer depicts several days in the life of Lady Di during the 1990 Christmas holidaysat theQueen'sSandringham Houseresidence,whenshedecidedto end her marriage to Prince Charles. Although their parting was inevitable, itwas almost five years later that they finally divorced. Larrain approached the topic from Diana's perspective, focusing moreonherpersonal considerations andemotionaldilemmas, rather than on the accumulating of information and the classic biographical adaptationapproach.Thefilmprimarily revolves around the stories of members of the royal family about the unhappy couple, as well as the diary in which she made regular entries.Thefilm’spremiereat thisyear's Venice FilmFestival culminated in a standing ovation. Stewart, whowas anything but an obvious choice for the role – given the negative impact that Twilight has hadonher career – succeeded, with the role ofDiana, in finally transforming herself from a teenage actress striving to be taken more seriously into a leading nominee for anOscar at next year’s Academy Awards. “It’s one of the saddest stories to exist ever, and I didn’t want to just playDiana—I wanted to know her implicitly,” said Stewart, speaking in one of her first interviews at the Venice Film Festival. It is interesting that Stewart and the aforementioned Emma Corrin, the British actress who played Diana in the previous season of the series The Crown, used the same dialect and voice coach to ensure the most authentic possible portrayal of the princess, who had a very recognisable and distinctive voice. Director Larrain said that he didn’t attempt to reveal anything that we didn't alreadyknowwith thisfilm, but rather to create a new, more intimate and introspective versionof anold story. Od 1982. do danas bilo je više adaptacija određenih segmenata Dajaninog života Multiple adaptations of certain segments of Diana’s life have been made since 1982 FOTO: / LANDMARK MEDIA / Alamy FOTO: / LANDMARK MEDIA / Alamy