Interview » Intervju | 23 More than two decades have passed since the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal that caused a national crisis in theU.S. and led to radical political and social change, and this story is brought back into our focus with the third season of the series American Crime Story, entitled Impeachment, which began being broadcast on Fox during October. I NT E RV I EW: SAR AH PAU LSON , ACT R ESS Power is a very debatable concept Many people would say that Impeachment is the story of Monica and Bill, but it's not. The plot centres around three women, all of whomwere real heroines fighting for their place in a man’s world: Linda Tripp, Monica Lewinsky and Paula Jones CelebratedHollywoodproducer andscreenwriterRyanMurphy, a recipient of sixEmmyAwards andaBAFTA award, takes us back to the 1990s, through 10 episodes, and investigates the political turmoil centred around the 42nd U.S. President, Bill Clinton, and White House official Monica Lewinsky. The series depicts the scandal fromthe perspectives of threewomenwho found themselves in theworld’s spotlight overnight:Monica Lewinsky, Linda Tripp and Paula Jones. The cast is led by Clive Owen (Bill Clinton) and Edie Falco (Hillary Clinton), but the story centres around the younger members of the cast, including Sarah Paulson (Linda Tripp), Beanie Feldstein (Monica Lewinsky) and Annaleigh Ashford (Paula Jones). That’s why we spoke with actress Sarah Paulson, first asking her whether Linda Tripp, who she portrays, was the “Robin Hood” of the White House? “Far from it [laughs]. Linda was a woman. And a woman can be another woman's best and worst friend. In Linda's case, her obsession with correcting the injustice that had been done to theWhite House with the arrival of the Clinton administration became her fixation in life. You have to understand that she was a woman