SPORT / SPORTS For Svetislav ‘Kari’ Pešić, the NBA was never an option. After spending five seasons on the bench of his Bosnia, this basketball adventurer headed to Germany in 1987. This footballing nation was hit by the Kari phenomenon and Germany won the European championship in just six years. Pešić is now, once again, awaited by the challenge of the position where he once achieved his career best results. He has returned to the bench of our national team, which hasn’t won any gold medals since he left. The last two that we won were at the 2001 European Championship and the 2002 World Championship in Indianapolis, when our interlocutor inscribed his name in the pages of basketball history in capital letters. Kari will lead our national teamduring November’s qualification window for the 2023 World Championship. Serbia will host Latvia on 25th November, before headI NT E RV I EW: SVE T I S L AV P EŠ I Ć, COACH We haven't won gold for a long time… Not since Kari The man who led us to the peak of the basketball world, at the 2001 European Championship and theWorld Championship in Indianapolis a year later, has returned to the helm of the Serbia national team 108 | Košarka » Basketball