Celebration » Slavlje | 99 P ECU L I AR NAT I ONA L DAYS I N NOVEMB E R Inhonourof sweets, sandwiches andnachos Always try to find a convenient excuse for a celebration, especially when the days are growing shorter and the weather’s getting colder. Apart from family celebrations, you can also join the Americans, who celebrate various tasty delicacies during this month Perhaps you think it’s silly to celebrate Lemon Cream Pie Day? In the U.S. they don’t think so, on the contrary. ey’ve designated dates for national holidays celebrating food, sowhy don’t you also have some fun and raise a toast tonachos, doughnutsorHisMajesty the sandwich?Here are some tasty reasons for celebrations in November. 2nd November: Devilled EggDay Love them or hate them, this picnic staple has its very own day in November. ey make an easy appetiser, side dishor snack. Try cooking up a fewdi erent recipes to celebrate the day. 4th November: CandyDay If youhave a sweet tooth, America’sNational Candy Day is the holiday for you. is day gives you the perfect excuse to eat some leftovers. You can try a home-made candy recipe for an extra special treat. 5th November: Doughnut AppreciationDay Although theoriginof thedoughnut ishotlydebated, basic doughnuts—or rings of fried dough— rst began appearing in literature in the mid-19th century, and they’ve only got better since then. Try your doughnuts frosted, stu ed with marshmallows, or even topped with bacon. 6th November: Nachos Day Sometimes toppedonlywithcheese,while sometimes loadedandsometimes spicy, one thing is for certain: nachos are always decadent anddelicious.Make some with your favourite toppings to indulge in the day. 14th November: PickleDay Nothing adds saltiness, texture and crunch to a sandwich like theperfect pickledgherkin. And if you’re a lover of these pickled baby cucumbers, this is your day. Toss slicedpickles incornmeal anddeep-fry them, then dip them in a spicy aioli sauce. 17th November: BreadDay e aroma of freshly baked bread is totally intoxicating.Whilemaking home-made breadmight seema little intimidating, it’s actually quite simple. Try your hand at baking a loaf of simple white bread. 25th November: Parfait Day Celebrate thisdeliciousFrenchdessert onNational ParfaitDay. Aparfait is a tasty treat that includes layers of fruit, yogurt, or ice cream. It is typically served in a tall glass, ensuring that the layers are quite distinct. 29th November: LemonCreamPieDay You might be a lover of other pies, but this day is all about lemon cream pie. Learn how to make this tangy dessert that’s both sweet and refreshing at the same time. iStock Fudio iStock nata_vkusidey iStock sara_winter