Cappadocia » Kapadokija | 97 it’s raining or windy. In the summer, of course, take-offs are much more frequent. But I was there in October and, during those four days, the balloons f lew on just one morning. Temperatures in Cappadocia during October nights drop below ten degrees and it’s essential to dress for the cold. We shivered from the autumn chill until we boarded the balloon. I had never f lown in such a way before and I thought they’d all be ready and waiting for us. However, that wasn’t the case. When we arrived, in the middle of nowhere, we were awaited by separated balloon baskets. A gigantic balloon was lying on the ground, while five people filled it with gas. After 20 minutes, everything was ready to take to the skies. The take-off was calm and pleasant. At one point I noticed that fewer people were standing next to the balloon basket. In order for the balloon to f ly, it is necessary for the pilot to add gas from time to time to keep us airborne. The loud noise of the gas being released can give you a fright, but it also warms you up and makes the f light even more pleasant. The f light included 28 people of different nationalities. Over 50 balloons f lew that day. While you look at pictures on Instagram, ballooning appears unreal, some would even suggest it could be Photoshopped. It’s not, and - believe it or not - it’s even better in person. It’s the kind of experience that gives you goosebumps and prompts you to pinch yourself to check you’re not dreaming. You fantasise about it, keeping a picture of balloons f lying over Cappadocia on the background of your phone, and the next thing you know it’s happening right in front of you, and you’ve become part of the magic. As I overcome my fear of heights and feel strong emotions at having realised another of my dreams, we slowly ascend to heights from where you can observe the magical Cappadocia. Fascinating stone structures, unusual rock formations made of white volcanic ash and natural landscapes enchant me instantly. My hair stands on end as I impatiently await the sunrise and enjoy the silence. I feel security, beauty and broad spaciousness. The sun rises gently and slowly as we slide through the air above Cappadocia. Photographs cannot evoke the magnificence and beauty of this experience, which smashes fears, raises one to the heavens and soothes. Ballooning in Cappadocia left me with fantastic, everlasting memories. What an unforgettable trip! Kapadokija predstavlja najpopularniju lokaciju na svetu za letenje balonom. Prošle godine uzletelo je gotovo pola miliona ljudi Cappadocia represents the world’s most popular ballooning location. Almost half a million people took to the skies here last year