FENOMENI PHENOMENA 96 | Kapadokija » Cappadocia The three mountains that dominate Cappadocia were formed long ago, as if erupting out of the surface of the earth and covering the surrounding soil with thick volcanic ash. And it was precisely this volcanic eruption that enabled the landscape to erode into incredible and peculiar shapes that you can observe from high above – from a balloon. If you travel to this amazing place during autumn, you won’t find it easy to “catch” your balloon, because they don’t take to the skies if Wondrously shaped rocks resembling peculiar little houses are called peribajalars, or fairy fireplaces, in Turkish. And, indeed, while flying over them in a balloon, I had the impression that I’d wandered into the land of elves Flight above the land of beautiful horses Ukoliko želite da letite balonom, potrebno je da rezervišete svoje mesto. Cene se kreću od 100 do 250 evra po osobi, a leti se isključivo ranom zorom. Minimalno je 50, a maksimalno vreme letenja 90minuta If you’d like to fly in a balloon, you’ll need to book your spot in advance. Prices range from€100 to €250 per person. Flights depart exclusively at dawn and have a minimum duration of 50minutes and a maximum of 90