My Niš » Moj Niš | 83 the old Niš dialect was spoken? Mypaternal grandfather, VojislavStojiljković,was an assistant atmanyNiš tavernsbeforeWorldWar II.He later enrolled in the school for non-commissioned officers, participated in the April War, fell into captivity, served as an allied soldier and returned to his hometown – after crossing Hungary on foot. After the war, he was one of the founders of “Niš Express”. It was from him that I heard stories about the old, pre-war Niš. Unfortunately, the wild and unplanned urbanisation of Niš resulted in not much being left of the old buildings and that old Niš. Of that old Niš, all you have today is the so-called Kazandžijsko sokače, part of the oldbuildings in the centre and theBanovinabuilding, i.e. theuniversity thatwas built in 1886 by KingMilanObrenović and which is also the most beautiful edifice in Niš. Are we going to read some thriller and chase down a serial killer soon? It seems that you mentioned somewhere a Nesbø-style novel? - Yes, this is amanuscriptwiththeworking title ird Face of Darkness. I love that genre, but I haven’t yet tried my hand at it in the right sense. e attempts of local writers to write crime fiction have mostly ended up in the “Serbianising” of certain role models, whether that’s noir or Scandinavian crime fiction in the style of JoNesbø. e thing is that this region is specific enough tohave its own authentic crime genre, so it would be easiest for me to tell you thatmy novel could be the Serbian version of the first season of the HBO series True Detective, but that’s really not the case. It is a story set in the always “vivid” 1990s, a story about the banality of evil, and the motto I took is one consideration of omas Aquinas: “When you reach the core of evil, you will find nothing”. Your book Ducat for the Boatman is still being read, but a lot is still being cooked up in your Niš kitchen? My first novel in sequels, which is called Tower, will soon be published on the BookMate service. It is a story similar to Stephen King’s e Shining and the very popular current series Haunting of Hill House and Haunting of Bly Manor. It was partly inspired by real-world events. Specifically, on the outskirts of Niš is a block of buildings thatwereconstructedonacemetery for soldiers fromWorldWar I. e residents of that settlement have for decades been recounting scary stories about the appearances of the ghosts of soldiers who were buried under the foundations. I’m also planning for them a short series about Mustafa Golubić, and then, if everything goes as it should, I will write a new short novel, a sci-fi parody of the Socialist Federal Yugoslavia and the cult of Comrade Tito. Another idea is related to the story of HeinrichKahn, oneof theheroesofConstantine’sCrossroads, and his African mission. at novel, or novella, is entitled Fields of the Nephilim. By the end of the year, my parent publisher Laguna will publish my new collection of stories under the title Neon Blues, which will be followed by a special, Cyrillic-script edition of Ducat for the Boatman, and then a novel about Branko Miljković. Južnjački mentalitet je specifičan, Nišlije su topli i gostoljubivi ljudi, ali su takođe prznice, nestrpljivi, bučni... Naročito je specifičan taj naš humor, koji istovremeno kroji i pogled na život The southern mentality is specific. The people of Niš are warm and hospitable people, but they are also grouchy, impatient, noisy ... Our humour is particularly specific, which also simultaneously shapes our outlook on life