Stella » Stela | 45 A Z MAN I F ESTO The sustainability alphabet of Stella McCartney The title of passionate and consistent fashion environmentalist goes, without hesitation, to the daughter of a Beatles legend Whileecologyhasbeendiscussedbroadly inall fields of fashion, under the guise of glamour, art and our base passions and consumer habits, it has longbeen protected from criticism with regard to environmental pollution. One fashion pioneer who has seriously, vocally and publicly begun advocating for a civilised, sustainable and ecological approach to fashion is certainly famous designer Stella McCartney. She chose her materials carefully, deciding not to use natural furs and to invest serious resources in the creation of a non-toxic adhesive for trainers. And while sustainability in fashion often has tedious connotations, it is once again Stella who has spiced things up and created pieces that are fashionable, but also attractive and provocative, while adhering to all ecological postulates. And this turnedout tobeabroad term, so the new collection has been named the “A-ZManifesto”. She spent her days under lockdown developing the future of her brand on a sustainable basis, which is how the collectiongot itsname: Ameans accountable,Ois organic, V is vegan, T is timeless, and so on. Although the story that accompanies thiswork is seriousandhas theaimof raisingour environmental awareness, the emphasis is on the collection itself. Shown in the form of a film shot in the gardens of Houghton Hall inNorfolk,models strutted around a stone circle, passed throughatree-linedlaneandcurvedaroundahedgetothe rhythmofmusic. Everythingwas in the spirit of the adorationofMotherNature, almost like some ancient ritual. e collection’s main motif is provided by a shell. It runs through provocatively circular knitted rows around the chest of the dress of a model in the form of a print on designs, or a shell-shaped handbag. An hourglass silhouette dominates every combination, rounded in some places and with sharp lines in others. And all of this has beenproduced frommaterials that are timeless, recycled or represent leftovers fromprevious collections.And, yes, it doesn’t have to be boring, stresses Stella. Even using timeless materials you canmake a fresh, sexy and different design. e idea of fashion without a clear trend is certainly new and fresh, and we’ll see whether it will be accepted in the coming seasons. Until then, Stella, we’re rooting for you. Siluete su lepršave i ženstvene, a figura je stavljena u prvi plan Silhouettes are fluttering and feminine, with the figure brought to the fore