FASH I ON SHOW OF T HE SEASON Chanel in a Hollywood style We were delighted at Paris FashionWeek by the spring/summer 2021 collection of fashion house Chanel, signed by creative director Virginie Viard rough the spring/summer 2021 collection, Virginie alsodrew inspiration fromdresses created in1930 from printed satin, this time in the form of combos, as a kind of homage to the rich history of this famous fashion house. Walking the catwalk were designs intended for long-term, loyal customers, but also models that could attract new, younger customers. Simplified creations show that Virginie remains true to the path forged by Lagerfeld, while she's simultaneously working on evolution and changes that are appropriate to the modern world and its needs. e collection includes around seventy models, each of which is wearable, though of course only if you're really able to afford them. e classic Chanel jacket received its own younger sisters in the formof amini pleated dress and a blouse inspired by the jacket's cut or patterns. A straight skirt enriched with wide pleats, sheer blouses dotted with sequins... A modern approach is reflected in the classic high-waisted trousers, though this time made of denim. e classic blazer is shortened to the waistline, revealing the figure, while the fluttering dresses have a cut suitable for variations on diverse themes. Known for pieces that are sold separately but always in several variations that can comprise a classic set, this time they've also remained self-consistent. A Lepršav kroj je tu da razbije strogoću sivog tvida A fluttering cut is there to break up the strictness of grey tweed The setdesigns for the showsof fashionhouse Chanel could compete with the scenery for the sets of serious films. Recall sandy beaches, amusement parks, train stations ormini towns. is season they connected the cult Hollywood sign in the hills of Santa Monica and the strong connection Chanel has in building the personal styles and visual presentations of major film stars. Ingenious! Creative director Virginie Viard provided a reminder that Chanel is part of the visuals of film actresses, both when strutting on the red carpet and in their everyday lives. MODA FASHION 42 | Šanel » Chanel