Sculpture » Skulptura | 39 ST E E L I MPR ESS I ON I SM OF BOR I S DEHE L J AN Peoplemade of screws: Miles, Jimi, Walter and Raša From an early age, Boris Deheljan’s favourite toys were Lego blocks. He never wanted to stop playing, which is why he found the most similar craft: he creates metal sculptures using nails, screws, flywheels, wire, steel tubes, reinforced bars etc. In 27th March Street, on the plateau named after writer, publicist, actor and journalist Radivoj ‘Raša’ Popov (1933-2017), a sculpture of this great was ceremoniously unveiled, revealing the work of artist Boris Deheljan. Created frommetal, the life-size sculpture seems to breathe the spirit of Raša Popov and leaves the impression that he is almost here again, in the Belgrade alley where he lived, wrote, contemplated and dreamt his boyhood dreams. e artist behind this work is Belgrader Boris Deheljan (39), who earned repute both locally and among the world public thanks to his sculptures dedicated to Walter, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix and BranislavNušić, which were created in an original and unusual way - from screws, nuts, nails, wires and other metal profiles using a CO2 welding machine. “I worked on the sculpture for less than a year. More than 10,000 screws were welded. Raša Popov is inmovement, thoughtful, with a book in his left hand and an open umbrella in his right hand. To remind us of how important and crucial it is to read and be close to books in the 21st century.” And where did he even come up with screws as a material for artistic expression? Boris says that he started hanging out with maestros and craftsmen at the School of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade. He earned his first crust by repairing motorcycles and restoring classic cars. He grew up on good old rock’n’roll and blues, and it was while in the workshop that he came up with the idea of making his musical companions from metal sculptures. And he couldn’t find better company than Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis.