Pop culture » Pop kultura | 35 NEW DE L I CACY F ROM HBO ’ S K I TCHEN Could Raised byWolves become the next Game of Thrones? This series has almost everything – a good visual identity, a drinkable narrative and great acting distribution, while it doesn’t pretend to be overly important. Mother might be an android stultified by primordial emotions and reactions, but her naturally ingrained habits don’t make her less of a mother. She came to planet Kepler 22b with Father in the role of a surrogate mother, in order to enrich the lives of six human beings. anks to embryos, children of different races learned to walk on this sandy planet of sweltering days and icy cold nights. is unconventional couple in a distant corner of space has the mission of raising children to grow up as atheists. ere is no hope and no solace. Life is what it is. e only thing that exists and is really able to relieve pain is science. Apart from hard work and inevitable death, everything else is delusional. at’s because the war that split the Earth in half like an apple, torn between atheism and faith in the god Sol, brought nothing but devastation, smoke and ashes to the streets of the metropolis. e obsessive Mother, the Father who loves telling jokes and posing riddles, the raging war of the year 2145 on planet Earth, as well as the monstrous creatures that appear suddenly on Kepler 22b, are just the tip of an iceberg of much bigger problems lurking behind the story of this dystopian world. at, in short, would set the scene of Aaron Guzikowsky’s TV series Raised by Wolves, which has two aces up its sleeve. e first is a surprisingly good and very intelligent sense of humour that comes directly from the androids in a very dry way, unpretentiously, cleansed of any classic genre stereotypes. e second ace ensuring that this series will gain an enduring “must watch” status is the moral structure of the narrative, which doesn’t attack the villain and doesn’t insist on the concept of good and bad. e idea of a war casts a popular stain on the civilisation of the human race, but leaves room to interpret whose intentions and objectives are more humane. is Guzikowski creation, inspired by cult film Blade Runner, unjustifiably bears the tag of being a Ridley Scott series. is is predominantly a Guzikowski project that’s supervised in a producer’s capacity by Scott, who directs two episodes in the first season. But the creator of Alien is a welcome marketing ploy. Raised by Wolves has almost everything – a good visual identity, a drinkable narrative and great acting distribution, while it doesn’t pretend to be overly important. When we add to all of this the absolutely masterful acting of Amanda Collin in the role of Mother, there is no reason to request anything more or better. at’s why Raised by Wolves is currently seen as a golden hen with the potential to gain the kind of global following that was enjoyed by the series Game of rones. HBO, which has had a commercial gap to fill for almost two years, can hope that Guzikowsky’s series will become the new Game of rones – not in terms of genre, but in commercial terms. ough that remains to be seen… Apsolutno je maestralna gluma Amande Kolin u ulozi Majke /The acting of Amanda Collin in the role of Mother is absolutely masterful