Interview » Intervju | 27 - Kosti is a drama series with elements of a thriller, but humour is an integral part of our style, our approach, if I may put it that way. Not everything is so black and dark. However, there is nothing funny about our story of repentance. In that sense, this series doesn’t have an entertaining character, but nor is it mere philosophising in images; rather it has a dramatic fabric, a clash of the forces of good and evil via the backs of people who break when faced with difficult decisions and under difficult circumstances. Which brings us to the third part of the trilogy. Are preparations already underway for Koža [Skin], and do you already know the story you want to tell? And why did you opt for Flesh, Bones, Skin…? - I have the story for the third part; I hope that Koža will also get its turn. Flesh, bones and skin are things that decompose, earthly, dust... People squirm, torture their bodies, break their bones, cut their skin, do unimportant things, and don’t care about their soul. Unfortunately, this civilisation also supports that logic, which we think is upside down and wrong. e body is perishable, but the soul is not. You are also working on something completely different. You are bringing us the story of one of the most beloved singers of the former Yugoslavia, the legendary Toma Zdravković. How come you ended up involved in that; are you a fan of Toma? - I’ve long beenmaking a living fromwriting, from writing screenplays for film and TV... Fromwords. On the other hand, some of my own life experiences probably provided additional motivation for the producers to leave it up to me to write the screenplay about Toma. I never met Toma, but I’m familiar with his work and I remember the time when newly composed folk music had soul. You had an opportunity to research his life. Did you discover something you didn’t know or that touched you in some way? - I was touched by love and devotion, the loyalty of his wife Gordana. She still lives for him, with Toma in her thoughts. Toma’s biography is truly cinematic, exciting, and the perfect template for a film. I tried to avoid an anecdotal approach in writing the screenplay and to shed light on his sadness. Do you have a favourite among Toma’s songs: Danka, Branka, Jelena, Ljiljana, or maybe I Touched e Bottom Of Life? - ere’s a song called ‘What’s at In Me’. Listen to it. His wife Gordana told me about that song and the fact that Toma loved it. You are also preparing a project with Branka Katić. Can you tell us about it? - A Barefoot production in cooperation with RTS, it should create the series Advokado. is is a full-blooded, thoroughbred comedy. Branka plays one of the roles. Also there are many more of our great actors in the mix, but we’ll talk about that when the time comes. And last, but of course by no means least, because it seems that of all your talents you nonetheless love music the most, what are you cooking in your musical kitchen? - ere are new songs and we’ll release another single soon. e song ‘ e Mexican’ is the first to be released from the new album. at album is coming, God willing, in 2021, a year without the ‘Corona’. Umetnost je stalno podsećanje na to da bog postoji i da smomi, ljudi, samo deo velikog plana / Art is a constant reminder that God exists and that we, as humans, are only part of a grand plan Čitammalo i nedovoljno Izjavili ste jednomda su vam određene knjige promenile život i sa dna vas vratile na put vere po kojem i sada tako dobro hodate. Šta ste to pročitali? – Pročitao sammalo i nedovoljno, ali taman da mi srce malo omekša, da se trgnem i krenem ka novom čoveku. Među njima, za mene lepa i važna knjiga je Suze za svet . To je knjiga o trojici staraca sa Svete gore. Neka vrsta zbirke svedočanstava drugih ljudi, monaha i mirjana, o svetim starcima. I READA LITTLE ANDNOT ENOUGH You stated once that certain books changed your life and raised you from rock bottom to a path of faith that you are still walking along so well today. What was it that you read? - I read a little and not enough. But just enough to soften my heart a little, to tug me and move me towards being a newman. Among them, a beautiful and important book for me is Tears for theWorld. That’s a book about three old men fromMount Athos. It’s a kind of collection of testimonies of other people, monks and laymen, about holy elders.