Podgorica » Podgorica | 109 MY PODGOR I CA PR EDR AG M I J ATOV I Ć, FOOT BA L L E R Here everyone feels at home Wherever people come from, here they have the feeling that they’ve arrived in their own city. That’s why I’m proud of my Podgorica, of this place that’s both pretty and pleasant, and where everyone who comes once always wants to return I wasborninPodgorica, inasettlementcalledMasline [Olives]. I leftmy hometown at the end of December 1989, when I signed a contract with Partizan, and my life took a different path – Belgrade, Valencia, then Madrid. I haven’t lived in Podgorica for a long time, but there are my parents, sisters and lots of friends, so I always return to my most beautiful city, my hometown. Today it is different, it is evolving like all cities. Podgorica has been built up, new neighbourhoods have sprouted, there are things that weren’t there when I lived there. I don’t have a favourite place for coffee or lunch, I simply discover new places each year; here there’s always a cafe-bar and restaurant in fashion. I like to walk through the city with friends, but that’s occasionally complicated because people still recognise me. People approach me, wanting to talk, and I get the impression that they’d like tomake up for all those years since I left. ey ask about what’s going on in football and my private life. I usually catch up with my childhood friends and in more recent times I’ve been using the opportunity to spend asmuch time as possiblewithmy parents. Podgorica is a wonderful city with a wonderful climate, and it’s very well positioned geographically. Situated 50 kilometres fromthemountains, where it is very pleasant to be, it is an equal distance fromthe sea. ose who like to can go to Kolašin, Žabljak, while there’s also Bukumirsko Lake, and for those those who prefer the sea there are Petrovac, Budva, Porto Montenegro. All these fantastic places are generally within 50 kilometres. ere is alsoLake Skadar, which is 15kilometres from Podgorica. e city is particularly beautiful during autumn and spring, when the climate is fantastic. You don’t need a car to get acquaintedwith it; you can take awalk and see beautiful bars, parks, bridges... ere is also the River Morača, which is extremely interesting and has a wonderful promenade. Everyone who’s had an opportunity to familiarise themselveswith it once is glad to return to Podgorica. Athletes from other cities who are resident here are delighted with the people and the service in this capital that is interesting for living and socialising. Whenever I’minanother city, I always primarily pay attention to the people. And that’s whymy Podgorica is the best city in the world. Wherever people come from, here they have the feeling that they’ve arrived in their own city, I don’t know if anyone’s ever had a problem around intimacy and hospitality. I think that Podgorica natives are people who accept everything from the outside verywell and try to encourage peoplewho leave here to return. at’s something I’m particularly proud of and which warms my heart. Volimda šetamgradom sa prijateljima, ali je to ponekad komplikovano jer me ljudi još prepoznaju / I like to walk through the city with friends, but that’s sometimes complicated because people still recognise me EPA / Srđan Suki