AUSTR I JA AUSTR IA 102 | Skandinavia » Scandinavia MY SCAND I NAV I A DR M I L AN M I L ENKOV I Ć I studied inNorway, work inSwedenand loveSerbia People in Norway and Sweden are really happy with their lives. These are great countries with excellent social policies and a balance between time spent at work and private life. But it is still said that the Danes are the happiest NORWAY I began my “Scandinavian” career in Norway. I initially travelled to Oslo in the year 2000 for a summer language course, then passed the necessary exams in order to be able to work, and in 2001 I started working at the University Hospital in Trondheim. After a fewmonths, I moved to Skien, in the county of Telemark, where I spent eight years. Oslo has remained in my fondest memories as a city, although it was a difficult periodof learning the language and verifying the validity of diplomas. I was surprised by their humbleness, and delighted by the simplicity with which they solve problems. If I had to choose three things that I love the most in Norway, that would be the sincere friends that I made there, skiing and salmon. SWEDEN My career led me onwards to Gothenburg and Stockholm. Sweden replaced Norway, but my lifestyle didn't change much. Perhaps the biggest differencewas thatmost of my life in Norway was spent in Skien, which has around 50,000 inhabitants, while in Sweden I lived inmajor cities, university cities and industrial centres, so that ensured that life wasmuchmore cosmopolitan and dynamic. I don't know how I would define an ideal place to live, but Sweden is definitely a wonderful country with an excellent social policy, goodworking conditions and a nice balance between working and private life. ere is also a diversity of cuisine that shouldn't be overlooked. epeoplehere are satisfied, but research shows that the Danes are the happiest because they find happiness in little things, such as nice weather and socialising with friends. On the other hand, that research should be takenwith a grain of salt, because there is no “unit” of measurement for happiness. In Sweden it's obligatory for me to take my guests from Serbia to Bistro Barbro in the Södermalm Borough, in a street where I lived, and to the small LaMadrina Italian restaurant in the Östermalm Borough, which has specialities and wines from Umbria. For day trips, of course, a boat cruise through the Stockholmarchipelago isunrivalled. SERBIA Wherever I go and wherever I reside, I always return to Serbia, to Belgrade, to Zaječar. Belgrade is the city I'm most attached to and love the most, although I'm from Zaječar andamconnectedtomyhometown by my most beautiful memories. Belgrade differs from other cities in the world because it lives 24 hours a day and has a wonderful, warm soul. And it has a gynaecological clinic in the vicinity of the National Library and the Temple of St. Sava that distinguishes it from other cities... Natalitet Jedan od razloga zbog kojih sam se odlučio za specijalizaciju iz ginekologije i porodiljstva je to što ima radosnih stvari, to jest trudnoća i rađanja dece. Osećam se divno kad uspemo da pomognemo i dobijemo bebu. Samnogimparovima ostanemu trajnom kontaktu i upoznamdecu. S druge strane, svaki neuspeh doživljavam teško i pokušavamda se stavimu situaciju tih parova, da ih razumem. Možemo mnogo toga da učinimo za natalitet. Da živimo zdravo, to jest da spavamo dovoljno, hranimo se pravilno, treniramo, čuvamo prirodu... BIRTHRATE One of the reasons I opted to specialise in gynaecology and obstetrics is that there are also happy things, and those are pregnancy and childbirth. I feel wonderful whenwe succeed in helping and a baby arrives. I stay in touchwithmany couples constantly andmeet the children. On the other hand, I find every failure tough and try to put myself in the shoes of those couples, to understand them. We can do a lot for the birthrate; to live healthily, i.e. to get enough sleep, eat properly, exercise, protect nature etc. U Švedskoj svoje goste obavezno vodim u bistro Barbro na Sodermalmu i u mali restoran La Madrina na Ostermalmu In Sweden it's obligatory for me to take my guests to Bistro Barbro in the Södermalm Borough, and to the small La Madrina restaurant in the Östermalm Borough iStock / scanrail