| 79 Er Srbija leti 6 puta nedeljno iz Beograda za Diseldorf Air Serbia ies 6 times a week from Belgrade to Düsseldorf 2.10’ Düsseldorf Trajanje leta Aerodrom Flight time Airport orf Düsseldorf is a beautiful city that shouldn’t bemissed. Small enough that it can be explored over a weekend, it is also big enough for you towant to return, because there is plenty more to see. On the right bank of the Rhine, with a population of around 600,000, the capital of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia is perhapsbetter known toyouas thehometown of Heinrich Heine, whose book The Lorelei is knownat least toanextent by anyone fromSerbiawhohadbetter thana‘D’ in their Serbian studies. Düsseldorf was razed to the ground during World War II, but today is again a large German hub of trade, industry and fashion, and the city with the best standard of living in the country. Youhave tostart yourweekendvisit in the city’sOldTown (Altstadt), whichboasts more than 300 pubs and clubs located in the area of just a few streets, and which is therefore known as the“longest bar in the world”.Of course, it isquite logical that here you will drink ‘old beer’ (altbier). Whenyoutireofwanderingthepicturesque Old Town and crave fresh air, head to the banks of the Rhine, where there’s a promenade that’spositioned insuchaway that it is basked in sunshine all day. A bicycle, anelectric scooter, abook on the steps of Burgplatz, lunch in one of themany restaurants... every option is good. You’ll agree that it’s all nice, but how canyou take a tripwithout shopping?And if shopping’s what you crave, you should knowthat you’re inanexcellent place. Düsseldorf has its so-calledRoyal Alley (Königsallee),which is saidtobebetter thanParis’s Champs-Élysées. All of the world’s premium brands are there: Ti any, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Burberry, to name just a few. For many itmerelyprovides anopportunity to check out window displays, but if you’re planning to ndsomethingspecial theyou can rest assured that you will nd it along this kilometre-longstreet that’snicknamed “Kö”by locals. And toconclude, head toDüsseldorf’s “most instagramableplace”.You’re familiar with thosegreen tree-linedavenues, right? Well, those relate toTheHofgarten, Germany’s rst ever public park, which was designed right here and became the prototype for all German parks. And that’squiteenough for oneweekend, because next time you’ll have to visit the Rhine Tower, then the Kunstpalast Art Museum, the city’s Japanese Quarter, and much, much more...  Sledeći put ne propustite toranj na Rajni Next time don’t miss the Rhine Tower iStock / CJ_Romas