| 77 1.50’ Kloten Trajanje leta Aerodrom Flight time Airport Representing one of the world’s last 5-star hotels to remain in the handsof the founding family, you won’t nd better service, food or atmosphere anywhere inSwitzerland. November is also theperfect time togo there, as it’s not too overcrowded and it’s then that the rst snowstarts falling. Following awalk around little lake, order a hot chocolate and enjoy huge reside armchairs. Sils-Maria is in the canton of Graubünden, aka Grisons, Switzerland’s easternmostandbiggestcanton.Thespecific language that’s spoken there, Romansh – a mixture of German and Italian – is also spoken in theCortinad’Ampezzo regionof northern Italy, where it’s referred toas Ladino. The canton’s other connectionwith Italy is that it is by far Switzerland’smost civilised place in terms of culture, food and architecture, and Sils-Maria is a prime exampleof that re nement. All houses in the village are made of stone and decorated withexterior frescoes, some of whichdate backmany centuries. The HotelWaldhaus is perched above the village like Cinderella’s castle, complete with turrets and big whitewalls.The interior transports us back to the 1920s, albeit in contemporarymint condition, of course: plush chairs, wooden walls,wild owerbouquetsonsmall tables, Sils-Maria, lost in time In the little Swiss village of Sils-Maria, near St Moritz, where Friedrich Nietzsche spent years writing, is the 100-year-old Hotel Waldhaus. najbolji primer te rafinisanosti. Sve kuće su od kamena, a fasade su često dekorisane nekoliko vekova starim freskama. Hotel sa kulom i belim zidovima dominira iznad sela, poput Pepeljuginog zamka. Unutra je sve iz dvadesetihgodina prošlog veka, ali je, naravno, sve besprekorno očivano: plišane fotelje, drveni zidovi, buketi od poljskog cveća, veliki kamin, a usluga i celokupan osećaj ostavljaju utisak imaginarnog Orijent ekspresa. Ovde nema nijedne reklame za satove, nijednog butika modnih brendova, bezmuzike; samo istinski i jednostavan savoir-vivre i elegancija.  scan me art a large replace and the kind of service and feel that’s reminiscent of the imaginary Orient-Express, but is real. There isn’t a singleadvertisement for exclusivewatches or clothes, there’s no “hotel shop” and no ambient music – just genuine, simple etiquette and elegance.  Ovde je Fridrih Niče godinama pisao svoja dela Here Friedrich Nietzsche spent years writing his works Gradić se nalazi u najvećem švajcarskom kantonu Graubinden, na samom istoku zemlje SilsMaria is in the canton of Graubünden, aka Grisons, Switzerland’s easternmost and biggest canton