68 | / With a vocation as a specialist inmusical arts, she has long combinedclassical music expression with covers of pop and rock classics in arrangements for thecelloandorchestra, andhas beenpraised for her interpretations of songs by Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles–PurpleHazeandEleanor Rigby. Her performances of Serbian folk songs attracted the attention of a wider audience and world-famous producers and establishedartists,whichresulted inJela having the opportunity to feel what it’s like to perform at the Academy Awards in Los Angeles or to meet famous lm director James Cameron. At the upcoming Belgrade concert we will be presented with music from Jela’s latest album “The Search for the Magic Cello”, which is amusical journey through space and time... You’ve performed all over the world, but do you have stage fright when facing the Belgrade audience, which knows how to be demanding? - The concert at the Sava Centre on 29th November is alsomy rst major solo concert in Belgrade, which I will performwith the JelaCelloPower SymphonyOrchestra.TheSavaCentre is a venue that has hosted many great world artists and witnessed important historical moments, and for that reason it’s agreat honour andchallenge forme toperform on such a stage. Youwillpresent tousyour“Search for theMagic Cello”? - The concert bears the same title as my third album in Serbia, released for PGP-RTS, “The Search for the Magic Cello”, and the rst part of the concert has been reserved for performing music from that latest album, in which I appear for the rst time as a co-author of the music together with Marko Matović and Boban Petrović, who are fantasticartistsandcomposers.Theconcert will beanaudio-visual experience for all generations, given thatwewill illustrate thestoryof thesearchfor themagiccello withvideoanimation,whileinthesecond part of the concert wewill performcovers of rock and pop songs for which I’ve becameknowntothegeneralpublic.We will nd themagic of the cello together, searchingthroughour inner cosmosand dreams, until good defeats evil and the dream-snatcher returns the magic cello to the girl from whom it was stolen, who dreams of conquering all the cellist’s nesse and performing the heavMUZIČKI KARUSEL Odnedavno imaš i svoju emisiju na RTS-u... – Sve odluke koje sam donela su me osposobile da svoje znanje i ljubav prema muzici upotrebim u svrhu edukacije, pa je tako kao plod svih mojih stremljenja nastao animirani TV serijal Muzički karusel Jelle Chello, koji se od 5. oktobra emituje na RTS2 svake subote u okviru dečjeg edukativnog programa u jutarnjim satima. Svaka epizoda predstavlja jednog od muzičkih velikana iz istorije muzike (Mocarta, Betovena, Čajkovskog, Bitlse, Hendriksa...) i predstavlja sjajan način da se deca i mladi u najranijoj dobi zainteresuju za klasičnu, pop i rok muziku. THE MUSICAL CAROUSEL As of recently, you’ve also had your own show on Radio-Television Serbia... - All the decisions I’vemade have enabledme to utilise my knowledge and love of music for the purpose of education, so the animatedTV series“TheMusical Carousel of Jelo Cello”emerged as the fruit of all my aspirations, and has been broadcast every Saturday since 5th October on RTS 2, under the scope of the children’s educational programme aired in themorning hours. Each episode presents one of the greats from the history of music (Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, The Beatles, Hendrix etc.) and represents a great way to generate an interest in classical, pop and rockmusic among children and youngsters at the earliest age. enly sound that the cello really has. You’ve been celebrated for your cover versions of rock ‘n’ roll classicsbyJimiHendrix andTheBeatles. Howdidyou selectthosespeci csongsand howdidyouevengofromclassical to rock? - With a view to the fact that, through my education in music, I learned to play the works of classical composers on the cello and that I grew up with a varied musical opus that includedrockandpop, and even high-quality folk music, upon completion of my Specialist studies at the Faculty of Music Arts inBelgrade Iwanted todepart from the frameworks of classical music and try my hand at other genres of music. I needed the freedom of expression that’s essential to every musicianandartist, soHendrix and the Beatles emerged as the natural choicefor thestartofmymusical extravaganza, given that they themselves are classi ed as “classics” in thehistory of rock andpop culture. Whatdoyouprefer tolistento foryourpleasure,andwhatdo you prefer to perform? - I’m a pure example of someone who loves to play what they love to listen to, so on my repertoire and duringmy performances youwill alsohear compositions like Ruse Kose, Mito Bekrijo and Niška Banja. That’s precisely what I performed at the Academy Awards in Los Angeles, where the rhythms of theBalkanswere enjoyed themost by those in attendance, which included the likes of James Cameron, HalleBerry, SeanPenn, Charlize Theron, Robert de Niro and many other stars of lm and music. What were your impressions of them; who impressed you in particular? - The very opportunity to nd myself in the company of James Cameronanda largenumberofHollywoodstars, andtopresentmymusic to them, is a compliment. Hollywood is really an industry in the true sense of that word, and all the glamour presented to the world is a well-crafted show behind which standmanybeautiful andsuccessful people, but also many sad and unful lleddreams. Cameron iscertainly agentlemanwho leaves a strong impression.