| 59 FOSILI su mi dali sve INTERVJU/INTERVIEW : SANJA DOLEŽAL, PEVAČICA/SINGER THE FOSSILS GAVEME EVERYTHING U okviru regionalne turneje „Za dobra stara vremena“, povodom 50. rođendana pop grupe „Novi fosili“, 15. novembra u Centru „Sava“ publika ponovo će moći da uživa u bezvremenim hitovima i šarmantnoj Sanji Doležal Under the scope of the regional tour ‘For the good old times’, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the founding of pop group Novi Fosili [New Fossils], the Belgrade audience will once again be able to enjoy timeless hits and the charming Sanja Doležal at the city’s Sava Centre on 15th November Turneja koja počinje u Zagrebu posle Beograda dalje ide u Ljubljanu i Skoplje The tour, which begins in Zagreb, continues after Belgrade to Ljubljana and Skopje lot of material has already been lmed, and we also screen parts of the lmat concerts, ina slightlydi erent form.Throughour performances and this documentary, we want tocommemoratetheband’s50th anniversary and pay tribute to all the people who’ve beenpart of it throughout all periods of our career.Manydon’tknowthattheFossilswere anall-malecomposition in thebeginning. It was only seven years later that the rst female singer, Đurđica Barlović, joined composerRajkoDujmićandguitaristVedranZec. How would you describe your chapterwithNovi Fosili? -When I joined thegroup Iwasn’t quite 20 years old. Prior to that I’dbeen a littlegirl, a high school kid, just enrolled in sociology studies. Iwent throughtheschoolof lifewith Fosili,bothprofessionallyandprivately. Itwas inthespringof1983that Iwascalledtomeet withSlobodan‘Moka’Momčilovićand,while chatting over co ee, he didn’t beat around the bush for too long. He immediately told me that Đurđica was leaving the band, because of her two young sons, and suggestedthat I takeherplace.Hegavemeuntil the next day to consider it. I spokewithmy parents, who weren’t really thrilled. However, I called himthe next day to say that I agreed. Thetitleof theconcert‘For thegood old days’, along with the band’s eponymous hit song, illustrates thedecades duringwhich theNovi Fosili –with theirmusical notes, dizzyingly high record sales and numerous tours – shoneandburnedinYugoslavia, amongthe Diaspora and around the Balkans... It is thus no surprise that the tour, which begins in Zagreb, continues after Belgrade to Ljubljana and Skopje. SanjaDoležal, leapt into the shoes that werewornwonderfullybyĐurđicaBarlović. Backthenshewas justalittlegirl,whiletoday - at the age of 56 - she feels the joy of singingandtheaudience likeshedidonthe rst day. She also feels joy fromher children, her dog, thepeaceshe’sachievedandthehome shehas inherownlittleparadiseonCroatia’s River Mrežnica near Karlovac. What was it like in the good old days for theNewFossils? -Whenonementions the50thanniversary of the band, it seems tome like a really long time. Although I haven’t beenwith the band for 50 years, but rather 36, it seems to me that the years have own by. It sounds like a lot, and when you look around yourself youwonderwhere itallwent sofast.The banddidn’tdisband veyearsago,whenwe last performed in Belgrade on the occasion of the45thanniversary.Weoccasionallyperform throughout the region. We just aren’t mentionedinthemedia,becausetodaysome other rules apply for front pages. We were never a band of scandals or nudity. Howare you commemorating the six decades of the band’swork? - We’ve been lming a documentary aboutthegroupsincespring.WeputtogetherasuperteamledbywonderfuldirectorPetra Radin, and she grewupwith the Fosili. A