| 35 Kao naslednik starog giganta JAT-a, „Er Srbija“ je nastavila put prelepe Skandinavije i pola veka kasnije leti za Helsinki. Od ovog oktobra ni Deda Mraz više ne živi daleko... Na severu Evrope, među glečerima, u divljoj prirodi, tamo gde su nekada živeli vikinzi, nordijske zemlje su oduvek privlačile ljude sa ovih prostora načinom života i svojom toplom, gostoljubivomdušom, pa nije nikakvo čudo da je nacionalni avio-prevoznik uvek bio tu da je učini bližomi pristupačnijom. Zato je togdalekog 16. juna 1963. godine Jugoslovenski aerotransport obnovio liniju za Varšavu, koju je produžio do nove destinacije – Kopenhagena. Zahvaljujući povećanjuflote, 1968. godineJAT jeobnoviosaobraćaj za Bukurešt i Istanbul, da bi zatimuveo linijuzaStokholm. Idanas, polavekakasnije, naslednikJAT-a, Er Srbija, leti do još jedne severne prestonice. Avion je sleteo na aerodrom u Helsinkiju 1. juna 2019. godine i tako povezao Finsku sa Srbijom, dve prijateljske zemlje koje više nisu daleko jedna od druge. Zahvaljujući divnoj saradnji, Finci su nam omogućili da od ovog oktobra brzo i lako stignemo čak do Laponije. U pravo vreme da na jednudraguadresustignupisma iz Srbije, pisma koja deca sveta oduvek pišu dekici koji se sa irvasima vozi po ledenimpredelimaLaponije i ispunjavasveželje. DedaMraz jesadamnogodostupniji zahvaljujući kod-šer sporazumu Finera (Finnair) i Er Srbije, pa kad kupite kartu u Beogradu, možete da posetite Deda Mraza brzo i lako. I ne samonjega.Naše oznake biće na letovima Finera i do drugih destinacija, jer avioni su tu da vam ceo svet bude kao nadlanu. Srećanput iprijatanlet! Welcome to Lapland Santa’s village is actually an amusement park located eight kilometres from Rovaniemi, at the foot of Korvatunturi fell, whose name, translated from Finnish, means “Ear Fell”. It’s appearance is really, reminiscent of two big ears, so it was easy to sell the legend of how magical this place is, because Santa can hear the wishes of children from all over the world and there are secret workshops here where elves make toys for Christmas. The biggest attraction in the Village is, of course, getting to meet Father Christmas and whispering wishes into his ear, and he is visited by around 500,000 tourists every year. Apart from him, his helpers and reindeer, Mrs Claus also lives in the village, and there thousands of letters from around the world are read annually, each of which is answered. You can personally send a letter from here to Santa Claus, with an original postage stamp, and tour Christmas House, a unique and nostalgic exhibit that presents Christmas customs and traditions from di erent parts of the world. There’s also Santa Park – a series of underground caverns and tunnels where gifts are made and where you can meet and take pictures with Father Christmas. Of course, in this village you can also ride a sleigh pulled by Huskies or visit a reindeer farm and try Lapland specialities. So be careful what you do, be good, and come to whisper to Santa Claus. They say that your wish will certainly be granted. Air Serbia, as the successor of the old giant JAT, continues journeys to the beautiful Scandinavia and flies to Helsinki a little over half a century later. As of this October, Father Christmas doesn’t live far away either... In northern Europe, among the glaciers, in the wilderness, where Vikings once lived, nordic countries have always attractedpeople from this region with its way of life and warm hospitable soul, so it is no surprise that our country’s national airline has always been there tomake that region closer andmore easily accessible. That’swhy, way back on 16th June 1963, the then Yugoslav Airlines renewed its route to Warsaw that extended to a new destination – Copenhagen. Thanks to the expansion of the eet, JAT restored tra c to Bucharest and Istanbul in1968, only to then introduce a line to Stockholm. Finally, half a century later, JAT’s successor, Air Serbia, ies to another north capital. The aircraft landed at Helsinki Airport on 1st June 2019, thus connecting Finland and Serbia, two friendly countries that are no longer so far apart. Thanks to this wonderful cooperation, the Finns have enabled us to reach Lapland quickly and easily as of this October – just the right time for onedear address to receive letters from Serbia, letters that the children of the world have always written to the old man who rides over the icy landscapes of Lapland with the help of his reindeers and ful lls all wishes. Father Christmas is now much more accessible thanks to codeshare agreement between Finnair and Air Serbia, so you can buy a ticket in Belgrade to visit Father Christmas quickly and easily... and not just him, as our codes will also appear on Finnair ights to other destinations. That’s because our planes are there to ensure the whole world is in the palm of your hand. Have ahappy tripandanenjoyable ight!