| 23 DOBREMUZIKE She is an award-winning lm score composer, music producer and songwriter, but also Serbia’s rst winner of an MTV Award. However, she is also a creative ambassador for the“Serbia Creates”platform, which encompasses systemicmeasures aimedat furtheringdevelopmentof thesectors of the creative industries and innovation, as well as measures to enhance cultural diplomacy. We have recently been listening to compositions created by Kovač for several popular local TV series. How does the creating of applied music for a lm di er from creating music generally; and howdo you, as a composer, give life to a lmor series? - After returning to Serbia upon earningmymaster’s degree in lm composition, which I received from the prestigious Edinburgh University in 2014, I launched my career as a lm composer. Of course, already having a successful career in popularmusic helpedme tremendously, as I’d already gained the experience and knowhow required to embark on a whole new world of creation. Composing music for a lm or television series is an extremely inspiring process that requires that one has a good understanding of the lm-narrative systemand its rules. I amamong the ranks of those composers who consider that there can be no good lmwithout goodmusic. Filmmusicallows freedominexpressionanddemands authenticity of creation, and to – as an artist – this is the most important factor. Howwouldyoudescribethecontemporarymusicscene in Serbia; is there anything on it that suits to your musical taste? - One of the most important activities of my production company RAproduction throughout all these years has been tosupport talentedyoungsters, and I’mgladthatRomanand I workedwithpeoplewholaterwentontobuildseriouscareers, andweworkedwith themat thebeginning, when it is important todirect talentandprovidesupport.Ofcourse, thereisalso ourBeogradskiGlasschoolof singing,whichturns10thisyear, and fromwhich a great number of talented youngsters have emerged in all spheres of music throughout this entire time. As a creativeambassador of our country, what recommendations would you give to young people who are just launching their careers in Serbia? - I’m celebrating 30 years of dealing with music professionally this year, and throughout all these years I’ve made a livesolely frommymusic; I’veneverdoneanyother job.When I startedmycareerat theageof17, I knewthat itwouldonlybe throughgreatwork, enthusiasm, perseveranceandconstantly improving myself and my knowledge that I could achieve success. I had toovercome ahuge amount of prejudice inour society, in which it is inconceivable for a woman to be able tobuildher own success and career.Wemust constantly provideexamples toyoungpeopleofhoweverything ispossible, but that their successandhappinessdependsonthemalone. Youacceptedan invitation tobe among the ambassadors of the Serbia Creates platform. What will be your rst recommendations inthe eldofmusicthatcould– withthehelpofateamof creative industryprofessionals – advance that eld? -Serbia isacountryof talented, cleverandcapableyoung people who are striving for the greatest reach in music of all styles. We must allow new generations to express their ideas, progressive creations and knowhow in their own country, and not abroad. This implies addressing copyright issues, broadcastinga larger percentageof domesticmusic than foreign through our media, and educating young peoplewanting to deal with music professionally about the music business and industry rules. Areyoupreparingtoreleasesomethingnewsoon;and what are your current plans inmusic? - I’mcurrentlycomposingmusic for theplayNana, directedby IvanaVujićatMadlenianumTheatre&Opera, the fourth season of the TV series My Father’s Murderers, and a new sitcom that will come out next year. Apart from that, I’m also preparingmy newalbum, whichwill represent the crowning of my songwriting career and which will be released in the build-up to the NewYear. THERE IS NOGOOD FILM WITHOUT GOODMUSIC Serbia is a country of talented, clever and capable young people who are striving for the greatest reach in music of all styles. We must allow new generations to express their ideas, progressive creations and knowhow in their own country, and not abroad ~ says singer-songwriter Alexandra Kovač