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Er Srbija u fokusu

/ Air Serbia close up

Er Sejšels / Air Seychelles

U čast novog



In honour of a new plane

Kompanija je povećala turboelisnu flotu na šest aviona, a

time i bolju međusobnu povezanost ostrva u arhipelagu.

Avioni DHC-6 „tvin oter“ prevezu godišnje oko 250

hiljada putnika u domaćem saobraćaju


The airline has increased its turboprop fleet to six

aircraft, thereby ensuring better interconnectedness

among the islands of the archipelago. These DHC-6 Twin

Otter Aircraft transport about 250 thousand passengers

domestically on an annual basis


VIP salonu međunarodnog aerodroma Mahe, smeštenog

uz samu stajanku, radosni žamor gostiju utihnuo je kad

je dvomotorni turboelisni avion u živopisnim kompanijskim

bojama Er Sejšels, nacionalnog avio-prevoznika male ostrvske

države u Indijskom okeanu, prošao kroz salvu vodenih topova

i dorulao pred vrata.

Novi primerak aviona DHC-6 „tvin oter“ serije 400 završio

je tog trenutka let iz Kalgarija u Kanadi prevalivši put od oko

17 hiljada kilometara od fabrike do nove matične baze. Time

je sredinom oktobra avio-kompanija Sejšela uvećala na šest

aviona flotu „tvin otera“, kojom povezuje glavni grad Viktoriju

s drugim ostrvima ovog zanosnog arhipelaga.

„Tvin oter“, avion sa 19 putničkih sedišta, jedan je od naj-

pouzdanijih i najviše proizvedenih modela u istoriji avijacije.

Na Sejšelima se koristi u poslednjih 35 godina za vezu među

ostrvima zbog ekonomičnosti, velike pouzdanosti i kratke staze

koja mu je dovoljna za poletanje i sletanje.

tourists. There is more work

to be done across our vari-

ous airline partners on the

way we sell Seychelles as the

paradise destination.

Upgrading the airport

and reservations platform

will also give us more reve-

nue creating opportunities.

Next March we will move

our reservations and check-

in system onto a SABRE

platform and then we’ll be

aligned with other partners.

That will bring efficiencies

into our organization.


o you see Air Sey-

chelles primarily

serving as an inbound traf-

fic airline or as a carrier of

transit passengers to and

from Africa?

- There are very few mar-

kets in the world that sustain

what we call point-to-point

traffic. There will always be

a need for balance between

inbound tourism in the Sey-

chelles and transiting traf-

fic. Our priority as a nation-

al airline should always be

to work with tourism author-

ities and the marketing de-

partments of partner airlines

on how to bring more people

to the Seychelles.


he airline received

three prestigious

awards for being the leader

in the Indian Ocean region.

The inflight guest expe-

rience is very important.

What further improve-

ments will be made?

- We have a very good

reputation aboard of our air-

craft. The next step forward

in the guest experience is

how we make airport check-

in smoother for guests and

how we make the travel ex-

perience easier across a

number of airlines, as our

business is heavily reliant

on partner airlines, namely

EAP members.


AP is a tremendous

new wave in air traf-

fic: strong brand based on

interconnectivity, enabling

eight European, Middle

Eastern, Asian and African

airlines to become mutual-

ly supporting arms. How do

you see the position of Air

Seychelles in the group?

- Our position is unique.

I honestly believe that Air

Seychelles brings something

different that no other part-

ner in the EAP group can.

We bring the Indian Ocean.

Many people will name ar-

eas like the Seychelles as

typical paradise holiday des-

tinations. We bring to EAP

our geographical location,

including Mauritius and

Madagascar. It is an Indian

Ocean experience for all the

partners to sell.


he European market

is the most important

for Seychelles tourism, but

Air Seychelles only flies to

Paris. Are there plans to

open new destinations in

Europe or is the focus more

on developing new mar-

kets like China?

- Our major market is in

Europe, led by France, Ger-

many and Italy, and that will

continue. I personally have

a very strong view that there

are other European mar-

kets, served by Air Serbia,

that have been overlooked.

We will work on developing

such markets with our part-

ner airlines.

As for China, we are

working with tour oper-

ators there and hotels in

Seychelles to build a year-

long programme. It feasibly

would be possible to operate

in China next year.

Žoel Morgan, ministar inostranih poslova i transporta Sejšela i

predsednik Er Sejšela


Joel Morgan, Minister of Foreign Affairs

and Transport and Chairman of Air Seychelles