EVERY CORNER OF THIS BUSTLINGSTUDENTMETROPOLIS TRANSPORTS one back to thegloriouspast,whenDanteAlighieri and Francesco Petrarca sat in the amphitheatre of the oldest university in Europe. Bologna is an underrated gem just waiting to be explored, Bologna isoneof Italy’smost beautiful cities. Walk the endless porticoes Lights and shadows, unique architectural angles, columns, capitals and frescoes – Bologna’s porticoes create the most fascinating urban landscapes. There are close to 40kms of porticoes throughout the city, each of which has their own unique style and structure. BOLOGNA The culinary capital of Italy Italy » Italija | 95 Climb the Asinelli Tower If the notion of clambering up 498narrow,woodensteps to the top of a 97.2-metre-tall leaning medieval tower sounds daunting, let us tell you - it is! But watching the sun set high above the red city is one of the best things in Bologna, so it’s worth the climb. Eat, eat, eat Quitesimply, eating isoneof the best things to do inBologna. And in a country renowned for its cuisine, this city reigns supreme as Italy’s gastronomic capital.The first thing to know is that Bologna is the birthplace of Bolognese. Secondly, the region of Emilia Romagna is home to glorious parmesan, tortellini, mortadella, Parma ham, balsamic vinegar andmany other delicacies. And, thirdly, consuming all this incredible food won’t break the bank. People-watch on PiazzaMaggiore One of the largest and oldest squares in Italy, Piazza Maggiore is the epicentre of social life in Bologna. Surrounded by some of Bologna’s grandest buildings, its beauty extends far beyond its attractive façades. Sit on the steps of the Basilica San Petronio and watch cyclists weave their way through the crowds, tourists pose for selfies, locals enjoy an espresso... As the sun goes down, watch Piazza Maggiore and its beautiful buildings start to be illuminated. Be cool in Ghetto Ebraico Ghetto Ebraico is the home of Bologna’s uber-cool. This former 16th century Jewish ghetto has today been transformed into an area brimming with hipster shops, bars and restaurants. The atmosphere created by the narrow streets, tiny windows and curious cornersmake it a great place to explore. Bolonja je potcenjeni dragulj i jedan od najlepših gradova Italije Bologna is an underrated gem and one of Italy’s most beautiful cities FOTO: Depositphotos FOTO: Depositphotos