BARI IS A PLACE FOR LOVERSOF BEACHES and those hoping for a more authentic Italian experience. The city is a major ferry port in the southern Adriatic that’s hometowhitewashedtowns,beautiful beaches and endless olive groves lining the countryside. Old Town & theMurat The Old Town and the Murat district both essentially connect and blend into one another. This is where you’ll find the most historic and authentic sightseeing locations and discover narrowstreets lined with buildings adorned with stone and wrought-iron balconies and colourful shutters. Basilica San Nicola Thefirst thing tograbyouas you approach the Basilica of SaintNicholas is that it resembles an imposing fort. The façade is truly impressive evenwithout anythingoverlyornate adorning the exterior. Once you enter, you’re not overwhelmed with dozens of frescoes, though the gold ceiling is just as spectacular, when combined with the sculptures and mosaics that are replete throughout the sanctuary and crypt. Castelo Normanno-Svevo One of the first things you’ll notice about the Norman-Swabian Castle is how well the exterior has weathered the years, given that it’s nearly 900 years old. You won’t BARI For lovers of a different Italy find the interior of the Castelo furnished as it once was, as it is today used to house permanent and temporary art and archaeological exhibitions. Porto Vecchio The Porto Vecchio (Old Port) marks the point from which local fishermen head out to catch fresh local fish in the blue boats that you’ll see throughout the Puglia region. Just a simplewalk through the area, to hear the chatter of the local fishermen, is entertaining in itself, but this is also a great spot to grab a coffee, take a stroll and enjoy the view. PiazzaMercantile Considered themost important square inBari, PiazzaMercantile sits at the very centre of the Old Town. The city’s commercial hub since the 14th century, it is today a place to eat, drink, people-watch and attend events. Focaccia Barese Focaccia isanoven-bakedItalian flat bread that’s similar in style and texture topizza.The crispy crust and doughy inside are combined with the delicate taste of tomato. Stop by Panificio Fiore on Strada Palazzo di Città for some of the best Focaccia in Bari Vecchia. Lungomare In order to better understand the cityand its connectionto thewater, take a stroll along this seafront promenade. You’ll hear the crooning of seagulls, inhale the salty air and relax to azure views of the Adriatic. me scan Do Barija cete iz Beograda stici za samo 100 minuta You’ll arrive in Bari from Belgrade in just 100minutes Fokača je italijanski hleb koji se peče u rerni, sličan pici po ukusu i teksturi Focaccia is an oven-baked Italian flat bread that’s similar in style and texture to pizza Italy » Italija | 93 FOTO: Depositphotos / Maugli FOTO: Depositphotos / Fabiomax