Mugler » Migler | 65 Njegov fatalni parfem Angel će ostati upamćen kao prvi „gurme“miris, tačnije onaj koji koristi jestive sastojke – o, da, čokoladu His fatal fragrance, Angel, will be remembered as the first modern gourmand perfume, or, more precisely, the first in the world to include edible ingredients – oh, yes, chocolate strip fantasy. On the 10th anniversary of the creationofhisfashionbrand, in1984, heorganisedthefirst fashionshowin Europe to be attended bymore than 6,000people, thusdrawingmoreparallels with mass stadium tours than a chamber presentation on the catwalk.Heprovidedattendeeswithan unusual experience – in a desire to extract fashion from the traditional framework of a rigid showroomand studio and take it to the places occupiedbyyoungpeople. And that energyandexchangeof creativepotential was onlypossible ingrandiose,megalomaniacal experiences. It is interesting – from today’s perspective of a world changed by the coronavirus and strictly defined guest numbers – to seehowsucha fashion looks: it’s almost as though we’re observing a world that no longer exists. He found understanding from theoutset inthe likesofGraceJones, Iman and David Bowie. These were perhaps the first major stars to inspire him and reciprocate by placing their trust in him. He subsequently bestowedhis extraordinary editions on the icons of the 1990s, the entire teamofsupermodels, themostprominent of which were Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell. The circle of his superfans today includes Kim Kardashian, who donned one of his provocative creations for the Met Gala, and, at the other end of the scale, Beyonce,whoengagedhim as one of the main collaborators on her world tour. He is alsoknown for havingprovoked controversy with his statements that “fashion is not enough”, thereby justifying shows that resembled movie scene fantasies. Specifically, he wasn’t satisfied with being called a fashion designer. He consideredhimself adirector, and latereven proved successful in that job. His directorial baby is the music video for George Michael’s Too Funky, which is one of themost famous andmost extravagant videos – not only in the careerof thismusician, but intheentire history ofMTV. He had a similar directorial experienceafewyearsago, whenworkingontheimplementation of a vaudeville style show in the city of excess - Las Vegas. Thanks, Thierry, it was fabulous! FOTO: Profimedia.rs / Guy Marineau / Starface FOTO: Profimedia.rs / The Advertising Archives FOTO: Profimedia.rs / Guy Marineau / Starface FOTO: Profimedia.rs / frederic REGLAIN / Alamy