MODA / FASHION 64 | Migler » Mugler Whowas ThierryMugler, for whomthe entire fashionworldmourns? The fascinating saga of a creator with a special sensibility who caused sex appeal to soar to the stratosphere ThierryMuglerhaspassed away at the age of 73. A manwhopennedhisown fantasy about the future of clothing, an eternal fighter for individualityandthe right to his own definition of sex appeal – he turned the catwalk into a spectacle, made women even more feminine, and conceived fashion shows that were like rock concerts. Hisworkwasmarkedbyunprecedented extravagance converted intobreathtaking creations the likesof which the world had never seen before.Hissuperpower?Redefiningthe notion of beauty and the female silhouette, and the look of the leading notion of attractiveness at the time. We’re talkingabout the ‘80sand ‘90s, atimewithoutsocialmediaandmuch fewer media outlets, apart from the traditional ones - and about a man who literally nullified every convention in order to start from scratch. Heparticipated, bothdirectlyand indirectly, in the creating of a new image of the world, as well as influencing showbiz to such an extent that when you see the performances of all the biggest stars today, they still exude theaesthetics thathebrought, that he lived and which represented the only thing in which he believed. He created his first collection, ‘CafédeParis’, in1973, andalthough that work would be considered as marking the official start of his design career, it was only the juncture of the post-disco era – the entering of the ‘80s and the triumph of the style of debauchery and shameless displaysofwealth–thatwouldmake Mugleragreat (andgloballyrecognisable) name.Whenhe saidof himself that he’d had a very difficult life, you couldthinkthathewasalludingtothe thornypathofbuildinghiscareer,but hewas actuallyverballydemonstrating something much more abstract. “I’vealwayshadaveryhardtimeliving in the world that is imposed on us, I would like to live on another planet. I want to live in space”. Yes, he was always that uncompromising eccentric who considered reality overrated, which is why he turned fashion into a magnetically attractive comic UNPR ECEDENT ED EXT R AVAGANCE FOTO: Profimedia.rs / RINDOFF-GARCIA / Bestimage