Air Serbia» Er Srbija| 51 After 2020, which was the year marked by the worst crisis in the history of global aviation, Air Serbia carried 1,586,665 passengers in 2021, representing a year-on-year increase of as much as 83 per cent. Despite 2021 also being marked by the coronavirus pandemic, the average load factor on Air Serbia flights was 64 per cent. For the majority of 2021, the Serbian national airline recorded a continuous market share at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport that was close to, or even exceeded, 50 per cent, thus outdoing the pre-pandemic result from 2019 and fortifying the airline’s leading position at the Belgrade airport. In 2021, Air Serbia’s volume of traffic increased by 39 per cent compared to 2020. The result achieved is 35% lower than that of the record-breaking pre-panAIR SERBIA CARRIED 83% MORE PASSENGERS IN 2021 THAN IN 2020 +39% 52% 80% Popunjenost putničke kabine na letovima do Njujorka i do Load factors on flights to New York up to GOOD Y EAR DESP I T E T HE PANDEM I C demic year of 2019, but it nonetheless significantly exceeds the European average for 2021, which was -44 per cent compared to 2019. “By being flexible, adapting quickly to market changes, using sound resource management and constantly embracing innovations, we managed to achieve satisfactory results during the biggest global crisis in our industry. We are glad that the previous year was better than 2020, and we are prepared for strong expansion in the coming period. We’ve begun a stage of continued growth as a regional leader, and we are already on track to meeting the goals set for 2023 now - reaching the pre-pandemic levels of the record-breaking year of 2019,” said Air Serbia CEO Jiri Marek. The Serbian national airline’s ten most popular routes, which recorded the best performances in 2021, were between Belgrade and New York, Moscow, Tivat, Paris, Podgorica, Zurich, Istanbul, Amsterdam, London and Athens. During the summer season, running frommid-April to the end of October of 2021, Air Serbia operated a total of 1,100 round-trip charter flights, carrying approximately 140,000 tourists to popular resorts in Turkey, Egypt and Greece, but also to other tourist destinations around the world. prodaje direktnim kanalima sales through direct channels saobraćaja u odnosu na 2020. / traffic compared to 2020 FOTO: Depositphotos / Serg64