Music » Muzika | 37 U Barutani ćemo promovisati lajv CD i DVD Live For Live – to je presek moje karijere We will promote the live CD and DVD “Live For Live” in Barutana - this is a crosssection of my career celebrates life. Has anything changed following these two difficult years of the covid-19 pandemic? “The last two years have shown that, in such moments, when hope is lost and I don’t knowwhat tomorrowwill bring, I grip firmly to everything thatmusic can offer me. It’s really wonderful to go through life accompanied by music.” You started playing the guitar as a teenager, thanks to your father. How do you recall the days of your childhood and those musical evenings at home? “Those are my most beautiful memories! My parents really knew how to closely connect us children, to inspireus andensure that those yearswereunique for us. Our 11th floor apartment was an oasis of music and art. Power cuts and broken lifts didn't stop us gathering for a jamsession. We hauledmusical instruments up to the 11th floor and played and sang until late into the night.” Bruce Springsteen once called you ‘a damn good guitarist’. You didn’t go down to the “crossroads” and sell your soul to the devil, Tekst/Words: Ana Vodinelić Fotografije/Photography: Ruben Tomas right? Joking aside, is that something one can learn or does it course through the veins? “Definitely a combination of the two. A lot can be achieved through perseverance and practise. And, of course, you either have that special essential characteristic or you don’t.That cannot be attained by practicing.” How tough is it to be a woman in the male-dominated world of the guitar? “We’re entering an erawhen it’s not sodifficult. I admire the women who were involved in music long before I was, because back then it was really tough for anyone to take you seriously. Those are women who were studio musicians, who graduated from prestigious music schools and paved the way for those of us who came later. From their stories, I understand how important it is, alongside having talent, to be born at the right time.” Do you have a favourite guitar and, if so, why? “My two favourite guitars are my Fender all original '64. That’s my main guitar, while I also have a Reissue Fiesta Red ’57. I’ve been playing that one at all concerts since the start of my career and I received it from my parents, way back in 1996.”