INTERVJU / INTERVI EW 32 | Okružen mrtvima » TheWalking Dead by a condensed cocktail of emotions, tension, and the resolving of all possible plot twists that have followed Negan since the first day of the show. We will finally have that scene of a face-to-face encounter between Negan and Maggie, whose husband he killed and for which she never got payback.We’ve also finally learned the story of Negan's life prior to the outbreak of the pandemic. We found out who Lucille was, why he named his bat after her and how, after so much time, he grew from the past.” We will actually finally come to understand what triggered Negan into turning to the “dark side”? “That's right, that episode in which we finally see Negan parting from his wife, who has cancer and has decided to end her own suffering, is probably the most emotional for me. Although it also raises many questions. Why was Negan so insistent on searching for a cure that would allow Lucille to live? Was the reason for that a desire to cure her or a desire not to be there when she died? People are mistaken when they conKorona virus jeozbiljna pretnja i da, to je najočiglednija sličnost između serije i onoga što smoproživeli. Ali imamnogoopasnijih pandemijakojeodavno nagrizajučovečanstvo The Coronavirus is a serious threat, and, yes, it’s themost obvious similarity between the show andwhat we’ve gone through. But there aremanymore dangerous pandemics that broke out long ago and began gnawing at humanity nect the show The Walking Dead with zombies. It's a story about the living; about our weaknesses. Life is tough, and it is entirely dependent on those who live it whether they will get lost in life or somehow manage to find their own paradise in all of this.” Who is Negan in the final season? “The same guy he was when we first met him. I can't call him a villain. Just like the other characters, Negan is the product of a complicated situation. It’s called the end of the world, and I hope that none of us will experience it. When life pushes you into a corner, some wild nature emerges fromwithin. The question of “who you are” depends on how you rule the angel and demon that exist in your subconscious. The same applies to Negan. After all these episodes, I realised that great frustration is the main characteristic of his personality. He likes to be surrounded by people, but his ego doesn’t allow him to be part of the collective. He can’t function as part of society. He refuses to connect. However, we’ll see that the time has come for him to get to grips with all his demons. And you’ll see how that fight will end.” What was the greatest challenge you faced during shooting? “This is the only project I’ve worked on where you spend the entire shooting day, from beginning to end, actually shooting. There are no trailers for actors, no matter howmuch of a star you are. And there are no breaks. When the camera rolls, you start working and forget what time of day it is. During the first episodes that I shot, when we were filming in a subway, it happened that we entered the tunnels in darkness and emerged to darkness. Flashlights guide you to your mark, or the position you need to take to shoot some scene. TheWalkingDeadwas a real test of endurance, fromboth sides of the camera. But we enjoyed every moment of it.” FOTO: Profimedia.rs / "Image Capital Pictures / FilmStills