TheWalking Dead » Okružen mrtvima | 31 Apathy and superficiality are turning us into zombies People are mistaken when they connect the show TheWalking Dead with zombies. It's a story about the living; about our weaknesses, steps that cause us to stumble, fall, get back up, remain on the ground, fight or surrender... A PARTING OF WAYS IS SLOWLY APPROACHING. IN late February, the FOX channel will start airing (Mondays at 10:55pm) the 16 new episodes of double-Emmy-Award-winning post-apocalyptic zombie saga show The Walking Dead. This is the second part of the final season, which will prepare us for the climax of the decade-long struggle for survival among a handful of survivors in a world ruled by chaos and the living dead. Some of the questions that viewers expect to be answered in these new 16 episodes include whether Negan and Maggie will finally face off, and which of them will survive that conflict; what the new world has in store for Daryl and Carol; and whether Rick Grimes will finally turn up, if only to bid farewell to his army of adoring fans worldwide. We’ll have to wait a little longer for answers to some of these questions, as the upcoming 16 episodes are not the last ones in this 11th and final season of The Walking Dead. Following this “block” of episodes, we are awaited by another break, which will be followed by the sixpart finale that will present the final goodbye to a world that we’ve been part of for 12 years. And as this grand story reaches its conclusion, what are the feelings of Negan, the charming Jeffrey Dean Morgan, an actor who has enchanted us in different roles, but mostly as an irresistible seducer in romantic comedies? Speaking for Elevate, he reveals that this show proved to be a test of endurance for him, but that he enjoyed every moment of it… Do you recall the first day you arrived on set and became Negan? “Of course, because it matters to an actor when he receives a call to join something that’s already been running for half a decade, has an army of fans worldwide and viewer ratings that perhaps only one other series on the planet has in continuity. Regardless of how good and experienced an actor you are, doubt must exist. I believe that an actor is only able to progress and offer something more and different in each new role as long as he feels that “amateurish stage fright”. Just like at that first audition, when you don't even knowhowyou got there, what you did at the audition, or how you found the door to leave the studio. When your palms stop sweating, that means it no longer matters to you. It's like that in every job, not just acting. The Walking Dead was a wonderful journey; a oncein-a-lifetime experience.” You joined the show in its sixth season and very quickly became one of the key characters, and – along with Rick Grimes – one of its most striking. We’ve seen Negan in many different guises, but it’s ultimately still not entirely clear to us whether we love or hate him? “I love him precisely because I don't even know the answer to FOTO: Profimedia.rs / "Image Capital Pictures / FilmStills that question. And no one knows himbetter than I do [laughs].There is a lot of symbolism in this show. The very name The Walking Dead hasmultiplemeanings if you think about it more seriously.The crux of the story is the outbreak of a pandemic that leads to the world being ruled by the living dead. These are empty husks, without emotion, reason and thoughts, that used to be humans. Many parallels to real life can be drawn from this. Aren't we all rushing towards some universal pandemic of apathy and superficiality? The Coronavirus is a serious threat that has shook us up well over the past few years, and, yes, that’s the most obvious similarity between our show and what we’ve gone through. But there are many more dangerous pandemics that broke out long ago and began gnawing at humanity and turning us into zombies. We’ve forgotten the value of life, and if we don’t value our own existence or someone else's – what is our purpose?” Is there an easy way for an actor to leave a show that they’ve been part of for so long? “I try not to think about that. There are a lot of emotional scenes in this last season. We’re awaited