Air Serbia » Er Srbija | 27 Salzburg is one of the most renowned cities in Austria and Europe, and it boasts possibly the best-preserved old town centre, which is filled with beautiful baroque architecture and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This charming Austrian city is most famous for being the birthplace of classical composer Mozart and for providing the backdrop to the classic film The Sound of Music, but it also has so much more to offer in terms of historical sights. All about Mozart Salzburg is best known for being the birthplace of Mozart. Stroll down the shopping street of Getreidegasse, check out the yellow façade of the building where Mozart was born and visit the museum. Another iconic point of the city linked to Mozart is his statue, which rises over the square of the same name. And this is certainly the place where you want to click that selfie. Cathedral There are more than 20 churches in the tiny area that forms Salzburg’s old town. However, none of them even comes close to the magnificence of Salzburg Cathedral, which was the first baroque church to be built on the territory of today’s Austria. City of Mozart and marzipan balls Hohensalzburg Fortress When visiting this fortress, you can either take the funicular, which is an attraction in its own right, or hike up Festungsberg Mountain on foot. Within the fortress you will find several museums, restaurants, churches, and even art galleries, but stunning views also form an essential part of the experience. From this fortress, your gaze extends beyond the city to encompass the Alps in the distance. Saint Peter’s Abbey Saint Peter’s Abbey is the place where Salzburg was founded in the year 696. The abbey remains active and is the oldest continuously active monastery in a German-speaking region. Coffeehouses and cakes Austrian coffeehouses are far more than mere pitstops to get your caffeine boost. Author Stefan Zweig dubbed them democratic clubs, where - for the price of a cup of coffee - you can participate in discussions, play and writing. For artists like him, the coffeehouses of the 19th century represented their office, but also their extended living room. Cafe Tomaselli is just such a cafe, but is also the oldest in Salzburg, dating back to 1703. Also, while the industrially-produced Mozart chocolate is available in every supermarket, the original is still handmade by Fürst and sold exclusively at its shops, meaning that the original is only available in Salzburg. crkava se nalazi u malomdelu starog grada There are more than 20 churches in the tiny area that forms the old town 20 FOTO: Depositphotos