Hanover je IT centar sveta tokom održavanja CeBIT-a i mesto koje za nedelju dana ugosti onoliko gostiju koliko ima stanovnika Hanover is the IT centre of the world during the CeBIT expo and a place that hosts as many guests as there are residents during just one week Air Serbia » Er Srbija | 25 From beautiful architecture to vibrant neighbourhoods, interesting history to amazing art, an excellent culinary scene to amazing green spaces – Hanover has it all! If you’re seeking the perfect-yet-not-so-obvious city break destination, then we definitely recommend a trip to Hanover! New Town Hall The city’s most known famous sight and an absolute must-see is the New Town Hall. Built at the beginning of the 20th century and completed in 1913, it is stunning not only from the outside, but also inside. It’s also worth stopping here to check out the four miniature town models that show how Hanover looked in 1689, 1939 and 1945, and how it looks today. The top of the hall’s dome also provides the most spectacular view of Hanover. Old Town A mix of colourful timber-framed houses and red brick buildings - that’s the core of Hanover Old Town! Cobblestone lanes, ivy-covered buildings and charming little shops or cafes – ensuring that it feels like time has stood still here! Herrenhausen Gardens Hanover’s Great Garden is considered the Green city of colourful sculptures most important baroque garden in Europe and it’s certainly impressive. It is beautiful even on gloomy days, with all of its lanes, sculptures, fountains and hidden gardens, and of course all of the carefully planned flower arrangements. Its best part is perhaps the grotto, which was designed by world-famous artist Niki de Saint Phalle and represented her gift to the people of Hanover. A (modern) art paradise However, the Royal Gardens aren’t the only place in this city where you can see Niki de Saint Phalle’s work. Her most popular sculptures – Nanas –stand proudly on the bank of the River Leine, where the Saturday flea market is also held. These three colourful, curvaceous figures are a unique symbol of the city. To see even more of Niki’s works, head to the Sprengel Museum, which boasts a great collection of modern art. There you can admire such world-famous names as Picasso, Chagall or Kokoschka. Green spaces The city has a rule stipulating that it should never take more than a maximum of ten minutes to walk between parks. There is even a regular forest in the city, which used to be a royal hunting ground. The city’s most popular green space is definitely the large artificial lake situated immediately behind the New Town Hall. FOTO: Depositphotos / Margarita Borodina