Oslo » Oslo | 93 Potpuni mrak je presudan za posmatranje severnog svetla, zato se držite manjih gradova da biste imali bolju priliku da u njemu uživate / Complete darkness and zero light pollution are essential for seeing the northern lights, so stick to the smaller towns for a good chance of a sighting AUROR A BOR EA L I S Luminous magic of the Norwegian sky Seeing the northern lights ripple across the sky is an experience that creates memories that you will live with for the rest of your life TO SEE AURORA BOREALIS YOU NEED TO BE lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. But you can create your own luckandgiveyourself thebest chance possible by choosing amonth and a geographical area that will stack the odds in your favour. Yes, March is great, and so is Norway! The northern lights are electrically charged solar particles colliding with the earth’s atmosphere. Aurora can occur in any number of colours, though the most common are pale ethereal greens and pinks Severno svetlo stvaraju naelektrisane čestice sa Sunca koje se sudaraju sa Zemljinom atmosferom. Aurora se može pojaviti u bilo kojoj boji, mada su to najčešce bleda, eteričnozelena i ružičasta TROMSE Tromse je poznat kao glavni gradArktika i jedno je od najboljihmesta na svetu za gledanje severnog svetla. Ovaj mali grad je ležeran i šarmantan, omogucava uživanje u aurori i danju. KIRKENES Kirkenes jemaleni grad u blizini ruske granice i nalazi se u srcu teritorije severnog svetla. Takođe je domčuvenog norveškog hotela Snou, koji je u potpunosti napravljen od snega i leda i obnavlja se svake godine. LOFOTSKAOSTRVA Akomislite da severno svetlo izgleda prelepo na nebu, zamislite da vidite treperavo svetlo koje se presijava umoru. Za taj prizor krenite na Lofotska ostrva. Ovaj mirni arhipelag poznat je po svojimplaninama i neobičnimribarskimselima, a popularna je luka za sva krstarenja uz obalu. TROMSØ Tromsø is known as ‘the capital of the Arctic’, and it just happens to be one of the best places in theworld to view the northern lights. This small city is effortlessly charming and also makes for pretty viewing during the daytime. KIRKENES Kirkenes is a tiny town close to the Russian border that’s right in the heart of northern lights territory. It is also home to the SnowHotel of Norway, which is made entirely out of snowand ice and is rebuilt everywinter. THE LOFOTEN ISLANDS If you think the northern lights look beautiful up in the sky, imagine seeing these flickering lights reflected in the sea. If you want to experience that sight head to the Lofoten Islands. This tranquil archipelago is famous for its sheer mountains and quaint fishing villages, while it’s also a popular port of call for coastal cruises. Getting yourself close to the ‘Northern Lights Belt’ means being inside the Arctic Circle.This belt, also known as the ‘aurora zone’, covers several Scandinavian and Nordic destinations, including Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Greenland ... and of course Norway. But What is the best timetoseethenorthernlights in Norway?The short answer iswinter, but don’t be disappointed - March and early April are also good. Like the autumn equinox, spring brings more daylight, but also more solar activity.March is also a peak time to visit Norway for a chance to see the mesmerising northern lights. If you’re heading ona trip to the famous fjords and other beauties of Oslo and Norway with a desire to see the legendary aurora borealis, there are a few prime sites to spot the northern lights in this amazing country… FOTO: ANSONMIAO ISTOCK, SERTS ISTOCK