Scandinavia » Skandinavija | 89 places intheworld.The satisfied inhabitantsof this country ensured that Norway ranked fifth in the UN’sWorld Happiness Report for 2020, while the cities of Bergen and Oslo are among the world’s top ten happiest cities. Health experts have known for a long time that spending timeoutdoorsmakesushappier thananything else that we can apply in our daily life. If you spend as little as twohours aweek inanatural environment, such as a park, forest or green lakeside areas, your personal sense of well-being, tranquillity and harmony grows immeasurably, creating new, healthier habits. For all thosewho’ve been rendered sluggish, sadand claustrophobic by lockdowns - a little friluftsliv could be an effective prescription. War veterans suffering from PTSDhave foundrelief innature-assistedtherapies, practising all outdoor activities – from gardening to rafting. It’s okay to start with small steps. Invoking the values of friluftsliva could include dynamicwalks on gloomy days or gathering in early spring for a picnic in a park. Uncover little pieces of nature and beauty that are immersed in the urban landscape around your home. In order to enjoy nature fully, you have to abandon your ingrained mindset. Despite the stunning natural beauty of their country, Norwegians don’t always find it easy to motivate themselves to leave their houses. Even during summer, rainy days can saturate the soil, and in northern lands the sun is hidden under the cover of the long polar night during winter. However, if you complain to a Norwegian about the bad weather, you will probably receive the answer: “There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing!” Apart from this saying rhyming in Norwegian, it also provides a clear picture of the power of positive thinking. And that is undoubtedly provided by friluftsliv. Friluftsliv slavi ideju o aktivnostima pod otvorenim nebom – planinarenju, ribolovu, spavanju u ljuljaškama između dva drveta, pronalaženju bobica, loženju vatre… Friluftsliv celebrates the idea of activities under an open sky – mountaineering, fishing, sleeping in a hammock mounted between two trees, foraging for berries, lighting a campfire etc.