88 | Skandinavija » Scandinavia LAJFSTAJ L / L I FESTYLE Inour quest for Scandinavianharmony thatwe can apply in order to spend our days withmore peacefulness and more meaningfully, we have already acquainted ourselves with hygge, and swiftly acquired various scented candles and shaggy blankets in order to transform our homes to more closely resemble the ideal of a poetic shack in the splendid nature of Denmark. However, that’s not the end of the story of wisdom from the north. Over recentmonths, lifestyle gurusworldwide have been increasingly calling on their Instagramfollowers to devote themselves to the principle of life that’s better known as “friluftsliv”. Apart frombeing able to be literally translated as “open air life” and evoking the words F R I LU F TS L I V, OP EN A I R L I F E Wisdom fromthe north, solution for an improvedmood How a Norwegian word coined to describe living under the open sky became the motto of our new normal freedom, air and life, this postulate of harmony aims to compel us all to live more peacefully and meaningfully. The word “friluftsliv” first appeared way back in 1859, in a poem that was recited by playwright Henrik Ibsen in which he celebrates many years of wandering through the wilderness. The poem concludes with the main character abandoning civilisation for good – but today we don’t have to be quite so extreme. Friluftsliv celebrates the idea of activities under an open sky –mountaineering, fishing, sleeping in a hammockmounted between two trees, foraging for berries, lighting a campfire - but this isn’t only for hardened adventurers and fearless explorers, rather it ismeant for all ofuswhowant tobe inclosecontactwithnature throughout the entire year, regardless of the weather forecast. Friluftsliv doesn’t demand a detailed plan of activities, rathermerely spontaneity as a leitmotif and adaptability as a predominant character trait, so it can also imply long walks with friends, picnics, light bike rides of an afternoon or walking your dog on a cool morning. And as Norwegians are known as a people who like to raise a toast, there is even a special word, utepils, for drinking beer outdoors. Signalling that Norwegians are on the right track when it comes to finding something that can really help us cope better with everyday life that has been permanently changed by the pandemic is the enviable ranking of this country on every list of surveys on the happiest Kroz istoriju ova reč za Norvežane ima poseban značaj jer je njome toj narod decenijama opisivao življenje u skladu sa prirodom This word has had a special meaning for Norwegians throughout history, because it has been used by this nation for decades to describe living in harmony with nature