Belgrade » Beograd | 61 Helen Babić @HELEN_BABIC Beograđanke se svakako izdvajaju po tome što su uvek negovane, sa uvek sređenom frizurom i atraktivnimmanikirom... Tako da je, van materijalnog, taj utisak nege za mene definitivno nešto čime možemo da se pohvalimo. HELEN BABIĆ @HELEN_BABIC “Belgrade ladies certainly distinguish themselves by always being well-groomed, always with neat hairstyles and attractive manicures... So, beyond the material, that impression of grooming is, for me, definitely something that we can brag about.” JOVANA SRETENOVIĆ @BONJOURJR “I would like to stay in some micro environment where I’m inspired by Belgrade ladies who are unique, intelligent and special, both in terms of their achievements and their style. I would like to be able to see more young girls on the streets of Belgrade who aren’t enslaved by Instagram trends and uniformity, but rather have learned from older generations, but also Parisiennes or their contemporaries fromNew York. Their long-term focus is on education, personal care and their own style, and they emphasise uniqueness as their main trump card and wear what makes them feel great.” Maja Mihajlović @MAJAMIIHAJLOVIC Naše žene prilično ulažu u negu i sređivanje, što često pređe granicu ukusa, ali ne bih to generalizovala i posmatrala sa negativne strane. Određeno vreme koje sam provela u Americi me je nateralo da primetim njihovu preteranu ležernost kada je odevanje za izlaske u pitanju i taj „no make up look“ od kojeg ne odustaju. Ipak mi je draže da vidim lepu, negovanu, sređenu ženu za kojom se svi okreću, kakve su većinom one sa naših prostora. MAJAMIHAJLOVIĆ @MAJAMIIHAJLOVIC “Our women invest plenty in grooming and arranging themselves, which can often exceed the limits of taste, but I wouldn‘t want to generalise that and view it from the negative side. The certain time I spent in America compelled me to notice their excessive casualness when it comes to dressing up to go out and that “nomake up” look that they‘re not dropping. I still prefer to see a beautiful, well-groomed, composedwoman that everyone turns around to see, which is what the majority of those from our area are like.”