THE WEDDING BELLS RESOUNDED IN CHAMBON STREET AND the long-awaited show could begin. Models strutting on the catwalk presented 32 haute couture designs, naturally intended for women, but this show - like all of them - had a surprise. The collection was rounded off and completed by designs created for little ushers, guests and proud mothers. The elegance that we normally expect from such an occasion and haute couture collection was lacking this time. We got a bohemian atmosphere more reminiscent of a wedding in the countryside than the famous Hotel Ritz, as the first association with a stylish wedding. The ease with which Virginie meanders through the rich history of fashion house Chanel, taking what appeals to her here and there, while interpreting it freely in the spirit of the modern age, is impressive. She drew on the masculine-feminine style that was introduced by Coco Chanel, retained tweed as the trademark of the company, and created a suit with a waistcoat. This collection conceived to cover every guest at a wedding includes a luxurious chic outfit with silver embroidery for mother, while for adventurous guests there‘s a lace jumpsuit or a short tweed jacket paired with a casual skirt sporting apron-like ruffles. Layered with lots of undercoats, this skirt is reminiscent of the gypsy style, and we can almost picture the skirts fluttering to the rhythm of music on the dance floor while the guests dance. Fairy-tale tulle dresses are actually intended to be worn alongside elements of men‘s fashion, such as a white shirt, stresses Viard. What kind of story about a rural celebration would this be without the inclusion of at least one horse, one from a fairy tale that carries the princess and her prince to some faraway place? Of course, this isn‘t a fairy tale, but even the horse was dressed in a Chanel outfit, as the saddle is made of chiffon with beads and embroidered by hand. Alongside the designs, we also always impatiently await the scenography. This time around the Palace Hotel was a garden, with flowers wound around pillars, floral arches and, of course, a white gazebo canopy. It would be quite acceptable if you opted to wear Jackie Kennedy-style sunglasses in these surroundings. Given that this was nonetheless a show of haute couture fashion, every detail - even the smallest - was created by hand, with each individual flower made separately and then added to the dress, the finest embroidery and the smallest beads that can be worked with. Although haute couture is not subject to what‘s trendy and rather belongs to the art world, we cannot overlook its influence on what we will actually wear. And those are suits with high-waisted waistcoats, fluttering tulle dresses, skirts with a million layers like in the film Gone with the Wind, short tweed jackets and maxi dresses. CHANEL'S RURAL FAIRY TALE Bajkovite haljine od tila u stvarnom životu predviđene su da se nose uz elementemuške mode poput bele košulje, naglašava Vijar/ Fairy-tale tulle dresses are actually intended to be worn alongside elements of men‘s fashion, such as a white shirt, stresses Viard Chanel & Dior » Šanel&Dior | 55