Harry Potter » Hari Poter | 103 ke two exceptions casting-wise: Sir Richard Harris (Dumbledore) and Zoë Wanamaker (Madam Hooch). Harris was Irish and Wanamaker, although American-born, made her name as a British actress. LiamAikenwas initially cast as Harry Imagining anyone but Daniel Radcliffe in the role of Harry Potter is seemingly impossible, yet he wasn‘t always the Boy Who Lived. Liam Aiken was the first to get the job. He had been offered the role by director Chris Columbus. However, Aiken is from the United States, which went against the British only rule. And that was fortunate, because Radcliffe was unquestionably the right person for the role. Rupert Grint sent a rap video as his audition Much like the other members of the trio, Rupert Grint always felt perfectly suited to the character of Ron. Even so, that role was a hotly-contested one that many talented young actors were vying to secure, so Grint brainstormed on how he could stand out. He then decided to send in a rap video that talked about himself and why he deserved the role, and it worked! Grint has been coy about the audition video and has never officially released it. Daniel Radcliffe‘s parents rejected Harry The role of Harry Potter was likely a dream role for many young British boys during the auditioning period, but it was Daniel Radcliffe who was offered the unbelievable opportunity to play the titular lead in what would eventually become a massive franchise. He must‘ve said yes straight away, right? No! Fearful of how quickly he‘d fall behind in school, Radcliffe‘s parents didn‘t want him to lose out on his education. They also feared the dangers of media intrusion and what that would do to their son. However, producer David Heyman and director Chris Columbus were able to convince his parents once they swore to keep young Radcliffe safe from the media. EmmaWatson had eight auditions before shewas cast Earning the role of Hermione was by no means a straightforward process for Emma Watson. The last girl to audition for the role at her school, she was forced to take part in multiple auditions and at one point even had a phone conversation with J.K. Rowling. Following the phone call and Watson‘s eventual face-to-face meeting with Rowling, the author immediately fell in love with the young girl and knew that she was right for the part. RobinWilliams requested a role in the film Robbie Coltrane was endlessly charming and undoubtedly perfect for the role of Hagrid, but you begin to question what could‘ve been when you realise this fact. Yes, Robin Williams had requested the role of Hagrid during the casting period, even offering to do it for free. However, much like many other potential cast members before him, he was rejected due to his American background. Imagining Williams in the role, he could easily have made it work and would certainly have brought plenty of personality to the film. U 2021. slavimo i godišnjicu poslednjeg filmskog Harija Potera. Prošlo je čak deset godina od drugog dela Relikvija smrti , premijerno prikazanog 2011. In 2021 we're also celebrating the anniversary of the final Harry Potter film. Ten years have passed since the 2011 premiere of part two of The Deathly Hallows Foto: / Warner Bros. Heyday Films AFP, Supplied by LMK Landmark