102 | Hari Poter » Harry Potter FENOMEN / PHENOMENA she had already mentally cast the roles of Hagrid, McGonagall, and Snape, with Rowling immediately selecting Robbie Coltrane, Dame Maggie Smith and Alan Rickman to play their respective roles. It was almost animated Back in 2001, special effects weren‘t the same as today‘s digital artistry. The options available for CGI were severely limited, so Warner Bros. was undoubtedly concerned about how much was needed for a film centred around magic. Combined with the fear of child actors growing up too fast, this led to the studio considering an animated film. However, Rowling pushed hard against the idea, feeling it had to be live-action. Thank God! Daniel Radcliffe and the “eyemistake” It was mentioned many times over the course of the film series that Harry had “His mother‘s eyes”. But Daniel Radcliffe‘s eyes were blue, whereas Lily‘s were green. However, they did actually try to give Harry his trademark green eyes when they gave Radcliffe colour contacts. This quickly fell apart, however, as he was allergic to the lenses, so he was left until the end of the franchise with blue eyes, although he still has “his mother‘s eyes”. Rowling demanded an all-British cast When it came to the HP books‘ British setting and characters, Rowling deemed it an essential component of the stories. She likely felt something would feel amiss for both herself and book fans if the films didn‘t accurately recreate the source material when possible. That being said, she did maperfectly. It also helped that the film was legitimately excellent in its own right. That being said, this film wasn‘t an easy project to pull off. Much of its foundation came from a number of first ideas and choices not working out, along with an extensive amount of auditions, interviews and careful decision-making. Here are some interesting details behind the making of the first Harry Potter film, 20 years ago. J.K. Rowling picked certain cast members it comes as no surprise that J.K. Rowling had a fair amount of influence throughout the casting process. The creative team wanted to ensure that the actors selected fit her standards and would help properly bring her characters to life. Specifically, Autorka je zbog ser Ričarda Harisa (Dambldor) prekršila pravilo – samo Britanci. Haris je, naime, bio Irac The author broke her only British rule because of Sir Richard Harris (Dumbledore). Harris was Irish Foto: / FOX Entertainment Pictures