| 95 Savršene peščane plaže, tirkizno more i više od 300 sunčanih dana godišnje samo su neki od razloga zbog kojih turisti biraju Kipar za odmor, a čim sletite, shvatite da je Kipar mnogo više od toga The food is perfect, the residents are hospitable andrelaxed,andthecustomsthatstill reignthere are something you’ll nd unexpected. It is as thoughAphroditeherselfdippedher ngers in, becausewomenarevery important on this island. Apart from driving on the left, Cyprus has several other interesting customs that make it unique around the world. DAUGHTERS RULE Daughters are a real treasure in Cyprus. They were traditionally the ones who stayed in their own house aftermarriage,withtheirhusbandjoiningtheirhousehold. If a father had three daughters, he had the responsibility of building three houses for them. A future husband would come with some sort of dowry and a suitcase of belongings. If somehow things didn’t go right with the marriage, thewomanwould stay inher house, whileher husband could only leave with the suitcase he brought with him. It is perhaps because of this custom, which is slowly disappearing today, that this island has such a low divorce rate. MEGALOMANIACALWEDDINGS Weddings inCyprusarecelebrations that areprobablyattendedby themostpeopleyoucan imagine.There arealwaysat leastathousandpeopleatweddings. Everyone is invited – friends, relatives, acquaintances, neighbours... Everyone comes to the church wedding, passes in front of thenewly-weds, congratulations them, places an envelope in the box, has a drink, eats what’s on o er and leaves, because weddings in Cyprus don’t last long. Theguests gather only togive their contribution tohelp the young couple more easily start their life together. SURNAMES DON’T MATTER The family name in Cyprus is as important as a ski suit, i.e., it’s completely immaterial. There is no question about taking a joint surname at weddings. Almost all members of a family can have di erent surnames and they can change their last names whenever they want. FIRST NAMES ARE IMPORTANT Unlike surnames, rst names arean important issue for Cypriots. When a child is born, girls are named after the mother of their mother, while boys are named after the father of their father. Name days, representing the day celebrating a saint after which one is named, are also very important for Cypriots. This is more than a birthday, with major celebrations held, while guests are not invited, but rather expected to show up and congratulate the one celebrating. UNLUCKYTUESDAYTHE 13TH If you thought someone inCyprusmight pay attention on Friday the 13th, you’d be grossly mistaken. But if the 13th day of amonth falls onTuesday, that’s a truly unluckyday forCypriots.OnthatdayCypriotsgreetedeach other with a special phrase, “i kakya ora” (bad weather), in order for good luck to nd them. Flawless sandy beaches, turquoise waters and more than 300 sunny days a year are just a few of the main reasons that tourists choose Cyprus for their holiday. But you will realise the moment you land that Cyprus is much more than that rodi, ukoliko je devojčica, žena daje ime bebi po svojoj majci, a ako je dečak, suprug daje ime po svom ocu. Imendan, dan kada se slavi svetac po kojem neko nosi ime, takođe je veoma važan dan za Kiprane. To je više od rođendana, prave se velika slavlja, a gosti se ne pozivaju, očekuje se da samo dođu i čestitaju. BAKSUZNI UTORAK . Grdno ste se prevarili ako ste mislili da će neko na Kipru obratiti pažnju na petak 13. Ali ako 13. umesecu padne u utorak, za Kiprane je to pravi baksuzni dan. Tog dana stanovnici sepozdravljaju frazom „i kakja ora“ (loše vreme) da bi ih pratila sreća. Er Srbija leti do Larnake 2 puta nedeljno Air Serbia flies to Larnaca 2 times a week iStock / wundervisuals